What do men really think about women with padded bras? I don’t hate my small bust, but, I don’t like how it looks with clothes. Tidak ada bentuknya ;( Sorry, I know you don’t like fashion question, but I want to know what men really think, and especially one who knows about clothes.

Hmm. Personally, I can spot a padded bra from a mile away. Mind you, most men can’t. I understand that it’s more of an issue of “jatuhnya baju” for you than a matter of.. uhmmm… deception. Especially when it comes to evening dresses and the such. I guess it all comes down to how much padding you put there. As long as you don’t overdo it, it should be fine.

Besides, us men are already FULLY aware that most women come with visual deceptions. You ain’t that tall, hence the heels. And your face doesn’t actually look like that, hence the makeup. And you weren’t born with blue hair, that’s hair dye. And you ain’t got green eyes, those are contact lenses. And you don’t have crooked teeth, those were just painfully installed in your mouth. So no, we wouldn’t consider a bit of padding to be a major breach of contract. 😉

What are your views on ecofashion/sustainable fashion?

If what you are referring to are garments handcrafted by blind nuns in Ubud using cotton picked by co-op workers while singing “kumbaya” and sold with Fair Trade seals to vegans with unshaved armpits… sorry, I don’t know much about it.

But personally, I think when it comes to clothing.. less is more. Buy the best pieces you can afford, instead of having a wardrobe full of disposable impulsive fashion.

I always advise that to guys who are buying a suit. Just buy one, and buy the best you can afford. Because each time you get dressed for some undangan, that will be the one you reach for. Leaving the lesser-quality cheaper ones unworn. That doesn’t do the wallet -or the environment- any good.

Handbags don’t work on men. What about shoes?

If you are referring to the style of shoes… yes, of course each guy has a personal preference. Some like strappy high heels, some like ballet slippers, some like sneakers.

But if you are referring to the brand… well, put it this way: the average guy would have NO idea whether it’s a Manolo Blahnik, or VNC, or Nine West you are wearing.

what’s the best investment bag? bag as in designer’s handbag

I don’t know anything about women’s handbags, let alone which would make a good investment.

But let’s not fool ourselves. We often use the word “investment” to justify extravagant purchases.

If you wanna invest, go buy yourself some Reksadana. If you want to look good among your female friends (and yes, that IS justifiable), then buy yourself a nice handbag.

Notice I said “female friends” because, frankly speaking… 95% of men are clueless about women’s handbags. Whatever charm they have won’t work on men.

Om Adrian, Who is your favorite Victoria’s Secret angel? What is so interesting about her?

Okay, I have a confession to make:


There, I said it.

I don’t like the lingerie (Garter belts and lace is too ribet for me. Gimme Calvin Klein’s sheer minimalist underthings any day.)

I don’t like the shows (Those wings look really lebay. And a singer on the runway? What is this, Gebyar BCA?)

I don’t like the models (All that long-hair come-hither blow-a-kiss thing is a real turn-off for me).

But if you put me under torture and insist I cough-up who I like the most among them, I say Adriana Lima. Brunette and pouty, so at least it’s a departure from the blond nordic look.

But the next time you watch a Victoria Secret show, pay attention to that look Adriana does right before she turns on the runway… and I dare you to tell me that it’s not the most annoying expression ever.

This might be a stupid question, but im really curious, who set the trend in fashion? Who decides that cropped top is in this year and rolled-up chino is not so much, for example? – Pangeran

Not a stupid question at all. It’s not an easy one to answer though. I’m sure some fesyenistas think they pass down trends for us peasants to follow, but it’s never that simple. If anything, those fesyenistas also observe what people start wearing and tweak it to serve their own purpose.

Back in the early 90’s when I was still opinionated (ha!), I published an essay on how movies influence everyday fashion more than any perancang mode would ever dream of. And movies do it without even trying. Excuse the woefully-out-of-date references of the day.. but think of the bolletjes dress trend from Pretty Woman. Or the unstructured suit jackets worn with T-shirts from Miami Vice. Or the black leather cyberpunk look of The Matrix.

I think fashion trends are basically like memes or viral youtube videos.. it takes a nudge and the momentum to catch on. But yeah, nothing bugs me more than fesyenistas who go “gw udah pake itu dari taun kapan..”, because even if it is true, it’s irrelevant anyways.

How big of a turn on high heels are for men?

I’m the wrong person to ask. I prefer women in ballerina shoes, flats, or sneakers. But I suppose *the average male* (which I ain’t) prefers heels as it makes legs look longer.

My issue with heels isn’t so much the heels themselves, but usually with what they are worn with.

We’ve all seen them.. “I accentuate my long legs by wearing killer heels with shorts or a mini dress or a micro skirt.” Dahling, there is no denying the beauty of your legs, but that’s the equivalent of a guy with sculpted bulging biceps… wearing a sleeveless muscle t-shirt.

Like, eww.

Unlike h&m, topshop, zara, muji, how come uniqlo can product fashion that become favourites among younger-older, mid-hi class people and become a brand that not pretentious yet still classy?

Can’t say, mate. To say that Uniqlo is above the rest is also very subjective. But if you would like my personal opinions on why I buy one or not the other, here I go:

Topshop: Too british for my taste. I find it to be like a younger version of Marks & Spencer.. which is too conservative and plain for me.

Zara: The only thing I have bought there are basic v-neck sweaters, ties, and cufflinks. Maybe I’m too old for their target market, as I find the styles just not “classic” enough. You can’t even find a classic suit there. Wear one of their suit jackets and you end up looking like a k-pop boyband wannabe. Which explains why I buy my suits at Massimo Dutti instead.

Muji: I like the brand, but I have yet to buy clothing there. As I have mentioned before, it’s too opa2 jepang/Woody Allen for me. And seriously, man.. if it wasn’t for the (non) brand, nobody would ever hold it so such reverence. Or this is how I say it: if Muji does a plain cotton shirt, those #Jakartans would go “Adem! Basic! Classic!”. But if a LOCAL label does the same plain cotton shirt, #Jakartans would go “Desainnya gini doang? Kok bahannya kusut? HAH! BERAPA HARGANYA?!”

H&M: I’ve only bought a scarf, socks, and winter headwear there. Oookay. Before I discuss H&M, I would like to make it clear that I do NOT enjoy bitching about other brands. That’s what those bitchy fesyenistas do. I’m no bitchy fesyenista. Now that we have that out of the way, here we go. So what do people usually say about H&M? “Murah!” I disagree. I wouldn’t say H&M is cheap.. I say their items are “sesuai harga”. I shit you not, I can walk through H&M, touch a shirt, not look at the tag, and guess how much it is. And I always get it right. When a cotton shirt is 189rb, it’s definitely worth that price. And yes, you can go to an ITC and find the same quality cotton shirt at maybe a slightly lower price. And they have wool trousers at 750rb, which of course are made of better quality fabric. So why can’t local brands do what H&M does? One reason is is kamu2 #Jakartans would scoff at any local brand that sells clothing dengan range 160rb to 3.5jt. But an import brand CAN get away with such a wide range in pricing. Not bitching, just stating. 🙂