Vipey, how do you know that you could trust a person?

I don’t know, but I just trust my instincts. It’s not foolproof, of course.. so I’ve learned to trust people only to a certain degree.

But one thing I know for sure: I DON’T trust those who make a point to show off how kind and wise they are. The ones who seem like they look in the mirror every morning and say “Man, I am SUCH a nice/bijak-membumi/semesta memberkati person, I amaze myself sometimes!”

You know it when you see it; especially on social media.

Adri.. gimana cara mengetahui sejak awal bahwa seseorang mentally unstable?

You know those people who just berkubang menggelora in their own wisdom? Who you can totally imagine looking at themselves in the mirror and saying “Damn, I’m such a NICE person”? Who see themselves as being especially bijak and fulfilled, and somehow never pass up opportunities to impart their semesta membumi-ness on kamu2 orang with florid sok-ngajarin language?

Yeah. There you go.

Menurut kamu orang yang bijaksana itu kayak gimana sih, perilaku, gaya bicara, dll nya?

– Always has that membumi/borderline-neurotic smile

– Selalu pakai busana yang “model itu ngga penting, yg penting nyaman”

– Quotes Kahlil Gibran, Paulo Coelho, or verses from middle eastern mythologies.

– Throws around empty phrases like “manusia itu diciptakan”, “ambil hikmahnya saja”, “bersyukurlah”, or “semua akan indah pada waktunya”

– Tweets bijak-holistic words like “semesta” and “kehidupan”

– Never fails to stick a hashtag on whatever bijak thing he/she is doing this month. Because what’s a good deed if it ain’t got a hashtag on it, right?