I really like your answer about cari pekerjaan/karyawan. Boleh tau ngga, how do you feel ketika karyawan terbaik resign? And what is it like ketika harus memutuskan hubungan kerja?

Pada saat karyawan tersebut resign, ya tentu rasanya berat. Tapi secara long term, biasanya tidak jadi masalah karena selalu digantikan orang baru yang either just as good, or much better than that person.

Memutuskan hubungan kerja is one of the hardest things to do. Why? Because, if anything, the fault is mine for hiring that person.

Karena itu, saya selalu introspeksi. Did I hire the right person? Did the person fit what I need, and fit the culture? Did I create an environment that was right for me AND the employee? And I learn from it, and try to apply it to my next hire.

Maybe there are better opportunities that I simply couldn’t provide. So of course I wish the person well, and be thankful for the services provided.

Not much different from relationships in general, eh. 🙂

Mas Adrian, what keeps you motivated on a day to day basis with your work? Not everyone is lucky to have work they are passionate about dan money only goes so far. I know I read you don’t sharing about your work so I am sorry for this question, but maybe you change your mind, thank you. :)

I suppose this is the part where I go Pecha Kucha and wax poetic about “pursuit of passion” and all that jazz, right? Sorry to disappoint you, but I won’t. Do I like what I do? Yes, of course. Do I *always* like it, and all the necessary evils that come with the job? Not at all.

So how do I keep motivated? Well, I don’t exactly have a choice in the matter. I have KPR payments to make, business loans to pay, and a family to feed, clothe, house, and keep entertained. And more importantly, I have employees who -in one way or the other- rely on me.

Am I assuming that I’m the only person they can rely on for a monthly income? No. But if are asking me what motivates me to keep going when everything goes to hell (as it often does, mind you), then honestly speaking.. it’s them.

But yes, you are right that I don’t share my work or stories on social media. I never kultwit kisah hidup penuh hikmah (I ain’t some bijak-selebtwit), I never brag/complain about how hard I work (I ain’t some #Jakartan ahensi guy), I never PAP or tweet links to my work (I ain’t, well.. everyone else on socmed, I guess), and I never mention what I accomplish (I’m more prone to mentioning my failures, actually.) All of that, that I just mentioned? That’s for other people to do.

I read somewhere on your twitter timeline that you are reluctant to share your success stories. Do you mind sharing any setbacks or low points in your business and how you recovered from them? Thanks in advance!

I appreciate your question and the way you asked it, but sorry… I must decline.

Yes, I refrain from sharing my achievements, but I also try not to go into kultwits about my setbacks, sob-stories, or kisah-hidup either. I just find that sok-ngajarin dengan dalih “sekedar berbagi” thing to be very self-serving and masturbatory. I would never assume that I have a kisah-bijak that would be of any hikmah for anyone else.

What was the dirtiest job you have ever had?

Initially I was going to say when I was a dishwasher, but it was mostly using a jet-spray to clean the plates and loading them into the dishwashing machine.

So I guess my dirtiest job was when I was photographer. You see, kids… back in my days (batuk2 orang tua) photography wasn’t the as mengkilap as you see it now. It wasn’t all “oh yeah baby make love to the camera” *click click* and then a few hours with a Mac and Photoshop in a nice air conditioned room. Oh not at all.

Back in those days, once the shoot is done, I was the person who spent hours in a darkroom with toxic fuming chemicals like Dektol and D-76. And that’s only developing and printing black and white pictures. Developing color slides was even worse, as the chemicals (which I don’t recall the names) were so harsh I could taste them in my throat for days.

Has any of your employee ever criticized and argued against your decision at workplace? Suppose their opinion had some good points, how would you respond? Thanks.

All the time, man. I make it easy for my employees to speak up and say their mind, especially when it comes to day to day operations and management. Some of the input may be naive or ill-informed, especially when it comes to product design… but I make a point to listen anyways. Some make good points, some don’t.. but it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that I create a culture where they can make suggestions, and yes.. I still have the final word.

Tapi harus bisa dibedakan antara hard decisions / suggestions, and sekedar curhat ya. Karena honestly speaking, I don’t encourage my employees to say how they *feel* or “saya merasa..” Feelings are self-centered and temporary, and do no benefit the organization as a whole. So deal with it on your own, or find someplace else to work.

What do you wear to work, Vipey?

Boots (6 hole or chelsea)

Black straight cut jeans

– Left back pocket: AAA flashlight, mini multitool

– Right back pocket: wallet, folding knife.

Leather Belt

Black or Midnight Blue or Gunmetal Grey shirt

Watch (stainless steel dive watch or leather strap dress watch)

Fitness Tracker

Leather jacket

Scarf (optional)


saya cowok, 22 tahun, dropout dari kampus sekarang lagi belajar mulai business, boleh tau gak, dulu waktu pak adry di umur saya, apa yang sedang dilakukan? Kadang saya takut sama masa depan saya

Di umur 22 saya terima jahitan baju. No, bukan “desainer”, bukan “start-up”, bukan “stylist”, bukan “creativepreneur”… tapi beneran terima jahitan baju. And no, I’m not the kind of person who does that “Kultwit Kisah Hidup Supaya Kamu2 Orang Ambil Hikmah” thing.

So please don’t ask.