Om! Dapurnya bagus banget! Sering dipake masak? Paling suka masak apa, Om?

Masakan yang tried-and-true saja ya.. kalau yg pernah coba masak sekali dan gagal sih banyak banget. 🙂

So here’s a few dishes I routinely revisit:

Salmon with Jack Daniel’s and brown sugar.

Parmesan pork cutlets with caramelized onion and potatoes.

Fish filet with fresh dill and lemon, served with rosemary potatoes.

Roast chicken. Stuffed with lemons, or honey garlic, or five spice.

Bread pudding with peaches, rice pudding with mangoes.

Slow cooker dishes such as beef stew, taco soup, and BBQ pulled pork.

Casseroles such as shepherd’s pie or chicken-pasta.

Philadelphia cheesesteaks with caramelized onions.

Mashed potatoes with infused with wasabi, or roast garlic.

Ham potato and leek soup.

Apple pie, peanutbutter bars.

General Tso’s Chicken.

Sriracha buffalo wings.

Fish tacos.

Pan-fried burgers.

Eggnog with rum.

Chinese braised pork.

Which section of your house are you most proud of or enjoy looking the most? – Handoko Tjung

My Tadao Ando (KW) living room raw cement wall in the evening with its uplights. It’s my “statement” wall.

I’m also quite proud of my kitchen. It’s black, charcoal grey, and stainless steel with hidden light fixtures. Darth Vader would look perfectly at home cooking there. On weekends, I spend a lot of time in the home theater. It’s really not much to look at as I didn’t invest much in decoration. When in use it’s in complete darkness anyways, so no real point to it. But yes, it’s my “man cave”.