hello vipey, kamu pernah nge tweet Leather jacket > suit. any suggestion merk jaket kulit apa yg kamu recommend / yg ada di wardrobe kamu? and how about produsen kulit lokal? is it any good? thank you – Edwin Waskito

Untuk jaket kulit pria, saya paling suka www.belstaff.com. Jaket Belstaff Trialmaster dulu dipakai oleh Steve McQueen dan Che Guevara, dan juga dipakai Will Smith di film I Am Legend. Saya pribadi kurang suka model motorcycle jacket, tapi yang paling pertama dan bagus adalah keluaran www.schottnyc.com. Jaket Schott Perfecto itu terkenal karena dipakai oleh Marlon Brando di film The Wild One, dan kemudian menjadi semacam seragam untuk band2 seperti The Ramones dan The Velvet Underground.

Apakah Indonesia memproduksi jaket kulit yang bagus? Sepertinya ada… tapi untuk brand2 luar negeri. Dengan kata lain, hanya untuk ekspor dan kita tidak akan bisa beli disini dengan harga lokal. Kalaupun saya bisa pastikan jahitan, desain, dan cutting bisa bagus, saya tetap tidak bisa mendapatkan kulit dengan kualitas seperti merek2 yang saya sebut diatas.

Kalau mau jaket kulit murah meriah, coba ke www.ra-leather.com. Itu workshop di Garut, dan bisa pesan online. Saya pernah iseng pesan dengan kasih gambar dan ukuran detail, hasilnya ya not bad lah ya. Soal kualitas kulit, ya di Indonesia pasti itu2 saja. Dan jahitan, well.. can’t really expect too much. Sesuai harga saja.

Are Doc Martens worth the price, Sir?

Oh definitely. I’m sure you’ve owned a pair of shoes that still look good, and then after a few rainy days they start to come apart at the stitching between the soles and uppers? That simply doesn’t happen with Doc Martens due to a proprietary method of fusing the uppers and soles. As long as you keep the leather polished/nourished and away from direct heat sources, you can literally wear a pair sampai sol-nya tipis and it will never come apart. I have a pair that I’ve worn for 7 years, and I don’t see it failing anytime soon.

Do you still carry a handkerchief around? What’s the rule of the thumb?

Some guys carry a handkerchief as part of their EDC (Everyday Carry), and some don’t. I belong to the second category. But I always make a point to use a handkerchief as a pocket square when I’m wearing a suit. Why? Because it’s visual trick to look slimmer. An accent on high up my chest leads the eye up and away from my thicker midsection and gives illusion of height.

Besides, it comes in handy to staunch a bullet wound, or as a tourniquet in case of a snake bite. And how else do you comfort a woman in tears with such panache and style?

For more casual wear, I suggest a bandana instead. You can wear it around your neck rakishly like a cowboy, or have it casually hanging out of the back of your jeans pocket like Bruce Springsteen. And if I ever own a Labrador Retriever one day, he’s gonna wear a blue one around his neck.

What do you wear to work, Vipey?

Boots (6 hole or chelsea)

Black straight cut jeans

– Left back pocket: AAA flashlight, mini multitool

– Right back pocket: wallet, folding knife.

Leather Belt

Black or Midnight Blue or Gunmetal Grey shirt

Watch (stainless steel dive watch or leather strap dress watch)

Fitness Tracker

Leather jacket

Scarf (optional)


Eh, Dri, beli Timbuk2 di Indonesia di mana ya? Would love to get one. Cuma kayanya yg di IG Timbuk2 cuma tersedia di US. Where did you get yours? – Nauval Yazid

Waktu itu pesan dan dibawain my brother dari Kanada. Dulu sih di department store yang di Senayan City sih ada ya. You should check on Kaskus and Bukalapak.. pernah lihat kok ada yang jualan disitu. If you are really ngebet, you can always order on www.timbuk2.com and they will send it here. Yes they are pricey, but Timbuk2s are so worth it because of the lifetime warranty.

After four years of heavy use, the tarp lining in my first bag started to crack and peel, so I took a picture of it and emailed it to Timbuk2. They sent me a new (and improved) one, no questions asked. It was a four year old bag! I didn’t even have to send in the old one, because I’m in Indonesia.

What are your shaving methods? -Irina, belum punya akun ask.fm

Thank you for the awesome question. I take shaving pretty seriously, and I consider it somewhat of a male ritual.

First of all, every man should have a playlist to accompany his shave. Preferably a song list of bearded male vocalists with baritone voices from years of whiskey and cigarettes, with jaded and bitter lyrics of heartbreak and words left unspoken.

Once I have that playing, I wash my face with the hottest water I can stand. And I take my time, as the longer I give my stubble a soaking, the softer it becomes. Like, around one song or so.

And while still soaking wet, I lather up in shaving cream. Again, taking my time to massage it all in. Keep doing it until you’re done with the second song.

So what do I use to shave? Ooooh, I wish I could say I use my pocket knife or a straight blade, but alas.. no, I use an ordinary Gilette. But I must admit, after watching James Bond’s shaving scene on Skyfall, I got myself a straight blade (that folding blade for shaving) with a leather strop to sharpen it on. I tried it for a while, but damn… those things ain’t easy to use. I knew sooner or later I’d cut open a jugular or two.

Conventional wisdom says you should always shave with the grain (direction of growth of beard). But I shave the way I view conventional wisdom: I go against the grain. I find it gives me a much smoother finish.

Two songs later, I wash my face with cold water to close the pores. You’d think I use some old-school aftershave, right? Nope. I use moisturizer instead. Preferably something with mint or caffeine to give me that refreshing morning jolt.

A good shave, a moisturized face, a splash of cologne, and I’ve got all it takes to put a pep in my step for the rest of the day.

You define urself as ‘pengusaha garmen’, yang pada hakikatnya berusaha menjual sebanyak2nya. But then “Buy the best pieces you can afford, instead of having a wardrobe full of disposable impulsive fashion.” This statement is gold. Respect. Mind to share your ideal ‘capsule wardrobe’?

You mean own personal ideal wardrobe, right? Hmm. Okay, I guess this should be fun to answer.

Assuming I still do the same type of work and travel to countries with normal climates, then my ideal wardrobe would be the following:

2 charcoal grey single breast Italian cut wool suits

2 black single breast wool Italian cut suits

1 charcoal grey rain coat

1 black cafe racer leather jacket

1 black motorcycle leather jacket

2 white dress shirts

2 grey dress shirts

2 dark blue dress shirts

5 black shirts, medium weight

7 black Levi’s 501 jeans

3 slim fit cargo / chinos in grey and black.

6 v-neck sweaters, in black, navy, and charcoal grey.

3 turtlenecks in black, navy, and charcoal grey.

6 t-shirts, close fitting, in black, navy, and charcoal grey.

1 pair of black monkstrap dress shoes.

1 pair of chelsea boots.

1 pair of 6 hole Doc Martens.

5 ties. Purple, grey, black, blue., burgundy.

3 cuff links and tie clips.

2 belts, for suit and jeans.

12 pairs of briefs in leopard print. No, I’m kidding.

12 pairs of black socks.

3 watches: diver, dress, sports

2 glasses: reading, and aviator shades.

3 knives: heavy use, everyday carry, and gentlemen’s blade

1 multitool

1 flashlight (single AAA battery)

1 slim wallet

What are your views on ecofashion/sustainable fashion?

If what you are referring to are garments handcrafted by blind nuns in Ubud using cotton picked by co-op workers while singing “kumbaya” and sold with Fair Trade seals to vegans with unshaved armpits… sorry, I don’t know much about it.

But personally, I think when it comes to clothing.. less is more. Buy the best pieces you can afford, instead of having a wardrobe full of disposable impulsive fashion.

I always advise that to guys who are buying a suit. Just buy one, and buy the best you can afford. Because each time you get dressed for some undangan, that will be the one you reach for. Leaving the lesser-quality cheaper ones unworn. That doesn’t do the wallet -or the environment- any good.