Vipey, kayanya pernah cerita suka sling bag timbuk2. How about backpack? Ada merk favorite gak?

Personally, I think no man over the age of 24 should ever use a backpack as his daily carry. But hey, that’s just me.

The sling bags I carry are mainly messenger bags, like the ones used in the movie Premium Rush. My favorite brands are and And if could afford it, I’d definitely get a and for daily business use.

I own one special-use backpack; a with hydration bladder that is designed specifically for mountain-biking. But if I ever had to use a backpack, I’d go for,, and www.arcteryx. All are designed to be practically bomb-proof, with clever technical details.

vipey, whats ur traveling essentials?

I’ll narrow down the list to what I keep in my cabin bag on long flights (at least 5 hours), with a one hour transit:

– A shemagh, also known as a Palestinian headscarf. It’s basically a manly version of a pashmina.

– My Android phone, preloaded with books and podcasts.

– On-ear headphones; easier to take on and off, and wear on neck.

– In-ear monitors; lightweight and also serve as earplugs.

– A single AAA battery flashlight, like the Thrunite Ti3

– A bladeless multitool, like a Leatherman prybar.

– Duct tape wrapped around a lighter or old plastic card (as lighters are prohibited in flights in China).

– Hand sanitizer. I don’t even want to imagine the germs on flights.

– Antangin sachet. “Masuk angin” is not a real ailment, but that stuff is the best way to knock yourself out.

– Lip balm. Cabin air is very dry.

– Powerbank and cables.

– A pen, for filling out immigration cards.

– Mints and a Snickers bar.

– Foreign currency.

– Passport and travel documents

– Sunglasses.

what’s your opinion towards beats by dr dre?

Because it’s the first headphones that were *marketed* to appeal to non-audiophiles, it became wildly popular among people who.. well, simply don’t know any better. If you’ve been using those cheap earphones that came with your iPod all your life, yes of course Beats would sound good. Kalau ada yang bela Beats mati2an, coba aja tanya.. emangnya sudah membandingkan dengan headphone apa saja? What is the frame of reference? 🙂

Personally, I think the heavy thumping bass of Beats just drowns out the nuances and details. If you want skull-rattling “pecah sob!” sound, a recognizable and hip brand (that has nothing to do with audio), prefer form-over-function, and want to spend way too much money for all that… then by all means, get Beats by Dr Dre. (Feel free to insert a Daniel Wellington joke here.)

But if all you care about well-balanced sound from a bonafide audio brand, and consistently reviewed as the best headphones for the budget, then I suggest the Audio Technica ATH-M50x.

hi, vipey. what brand of men’s sporty sunglasses and crossbodies bag do you recommend ?

Regarding sunglasses, I just wear a pair of Ray Ban Aviators (like in my avatar). I like them because it’s a classic style that will never go out of style, and comes from a brand with heritage and history. And if you don’t lose or break them, the initial investment is worth it as they will serve you for years. Like my watch, I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing it twenty years from now. Oh, and don’t bother buying KW sunglasses… those things will snap on you within a a couple of months. Been there, done that.

Crossbody bags.. I think you mean messenger style bags, right? That’s the way to go for any male over the age of 25. It’s time to put the backpack away when you reach that age. I use a black bag that comes with a lifetime warranty. Not cheap, considering that it looks like any local Eiger or Export bag, but I had one that lining started to crack after 5 years. I emailed them a picture, and they replaced it with a newer better one; no questions asked. I also use a Chrome Citizen messenger bag for cycling. It’s an excellent bomb-proof bag that will last me forever, but it’s meant to be worn on a bike. Not recommended for daily use, because of how it sits on the back. You should check out it’s a very comprehensive site on men’s bags with detailed reviews.

Daripada beli trendy bags at some hip bookstore di mall for sejuta rupiah and use it for 2 or 3 years, it’s better to pay a little more for a bag that’s built (and designed) to last you 10 years.

Which brand do you prefer for headphone ? Sennheiser/audio technica/sony. Don’t mention Dr Dre plz bcoz for me they’re just overpriced due to the brand name

I currently use a foldable Sennheiser (on ear) for travelling, and an Audio Technica M50x (over ear) for listening at home through amplifiers. The Audio Technica was my first “serious” headphone, and I chose it based on reviews on It has consistently been reviewed as the best “bang for the buck” headphones, and kebetulan masuk budget. I used to own a pair of Etymotics (in ear monitors), and they were also awesome.

And yes, I agree about Dr Dre. It’s for people who just don’t know any better.

Eh, Dri, beli Timbuk2 di Indonesia di mana ya? Would love to get one. Cuma kayanya yg di IG Timbuk2 cuma tersedia di US. Where did you get yours? – Nauval Yazid

Waktu itu pesan dan dibawain my brother dari Kanada. Dulu sih di department store yang di Senayan City sih ada ya. You should check on Kaskus and Bukalapak.. pernah lihat kok ada yang jualan disitu. If you are really ngebet, you can always order on and they will send it here. Yes they are pricey, but Timbuk2s are so worth it because of the lifetime warranty.

After four years of heavy use, the tarp lining in my first bag started to crack and peel, so I took a picture of it and emailed it to Timbuk2. They sent me a new (and improved) one, no questions asked. It was a four year old bag! I didn’t even have to send in the old one, because I’m in Indonesia.

I want to buy a luggage. Any experiences w certain brands/types that can help me make my decision?

Depends on your budget, I suppose.

You can start with American Tourister. It happens to be Samsonite’s secondary brand, so the manufacturing standards are on par albeit with lower quality material.

One step up would be Samsonite and Delsey. These are the two brands I use. I abuse them often, and they hold up just fine. Though I must say I prefer the designs of Delsey.

If you’ve got the money to spend, get a Tumi. They are very well designed, and are made out of a proprietary self-repairing ballistic nylon. You can stab it with a nail and the weaves just close itself. And yes, the brand has a certain prestige to it. I’d love to own one, but it’s out of my tax bracket. 🙂

As per type, four wheel cabin bags are easier to roll than two wheelers. But konon because the wheels are exposed, it’s prone to snapping off. Though I have yet to see that happen, mind you.