Vipey, could you please share your EDC’s set-up, along with the pic maybe, thank you anyway.

This is my current (2014) on-person Everyday Carry. Of course I have a selection of knives, multitools, and watches I carry on rotation depending on occasion and… yes, what I am wearing for the day.

From left to right, top to bottom:

– Android phone. Hope to get at least another year out of it before I upgrade to a 5.7 incher like the LG V10.

– Hamilton Khaki watch: A birthday gift from @newsplatter, it’s my current daily wear.

– Bracelet: Woven leather with magnetic clasp. The only piece of man-jewellery I allow myself to wear.

– Lighter wrapped in duct tape: I don’t smoke (at least anymore), but it’s always good to have a fire source handy. And having duct tape handy has saved my day (and others) on numerous occasions.

– Wallet: slim wallet from Travelogue. I like it so much, I’ve bought it twice. Aside from my usual cash and cards, it also stores a few strips of Hansaplast and a sachet of Waisan.

– Gerber Dime Multitool: I carry this in rotation with either a Leatherman Squirt of Victorinox Cadet/Pioneer, and always linked by carabiner to my…

– Thrunite Ti3 flashlight: This tiny AAA flashlight packs a blinding punch for its size. Piring’s wife liked it so much, I bought her one.

– Kershaw Skyline folding knife: Flipper deployment, Sandvik 14C28N bead-blasted finish blade, G-10 handles. Carried in rotation with… oh nevermind, the list will be much too long.

Om, I still dont get it why people carry lampu senter as a part of their EDC. I mean unless you stay di kampung meledug, jarang banget mati lampu di pulau Jawa. In the emergency case, kan bisa pake henpon. Any reason why you carry lampu senter?

Funny how people will carry an umbrella if there is a 50% chance of rain, but question why you carry a flashlight when there is a 100% chance if night. And even without the night, I often use my flashlight to look for things in my car or bag at night, to check cables behind my sound system, and be the one who locates someone’s missing earring on the ground.

Saying “kan bisa pake henpon” is like saying “kan bisa pake koran” when it rains. Of course you could, but personally I prefer always having the right tools for the job.

Besides, when something like this tiny Thrunite Ti3 can throw a dazzling 120 lumen beam, there really is no excuse to not have one in your pocket, everyday. I mean, that is bright enough to blind someone in a self defense situation.

Om, untuk EDC, mana yang paling penting dimliki? (senter, pisau, dll). Atau lebih spesifiknya, mana yang paling sering kamu gunakan? Saya kepikiran untuk punya, tapi mungkin nggak sekaligus, dilengkapi satu per satu.

Yang paling minimum yang sebaiknya dibawa untuk EDC adalah Swiss Army Knife. You’d be surprised how much easier your life would be with one on your person, every single day. Once you discover that, you might add on a flashlight, a mini multitool (pictured), and a dedicated pocket knife (easier and safer to use.)

Everyone has different needs on what to carry; some carry a pen and notebook, saputangan, a flash disk, or a camera. I don’t, because I tried for a while and never used them.

But start with a good Swiss Army Knife. I recommend the Tinker, the Alox Cadet, or the Alox Pioneer.