Vipey, could you please share your EDC’s set-up, along with the pic maybe, thank you anyway.

This is my current (2014) on-person Everyday Carry. Of course I have a selection of knives, multitools, and watches I carry on rotation depending on occasion and… yes, what I am wearing for the day.

From left to right, top to bottom:

– Android phone. Hope to get at least another year out of it before I upgrade to a 5.7 incher like the LG V10.

– Hamilton Khaki watch: A birthday gift from @newsplatter, it’s my current daily wear.

– Bracelet: Woven leather with magnetic clasp. The only piece of man-jewellery I allow myself to wear.

– Lighter wrapped in duct tape: I don’t smoke (at least anymore), but it’s always good to have a fire source handy. And having duct tape handy has saved my day (and others) on numerous occasions.

– Wallet: slim wallet from Travelogue. I like it so much, I’ve bought it twice. Aside from my usual cash and cards, it also stores a few strips of Hansaplast and a sachet of Waisan.

– Gerber Dime Multitool: I carry this in rotation with either a Leatherman Squirt of Victorinox Cadet/Pioneer, and always linked by carabiner to my…

– Thrunite Ti3 flashlight: This tiny AAA flashlight packs a blinding punch for its size. Piring’s wife liked it so much, I bought her one.

– Kershaw Skyline folding knife: Flipper deployment, Sandvik 14C28N bead-blasted finish blade, G-10 handles. Carried in rotation with… oh nevermind, the list will be much too long.

Om, untuk EDC, mana yang paling penting dimliki? (senter, pisau, dll). Atau lebih spesifiknya, mana yang paling sering kamu gunakan? Saya kepikiran untuk punya, tapi mungkin nggak sekaligus, dilengkapi satu per satu.

Yang paling minimum yang sebaiknya dibawa untuk EDC adalah Swiss Army Knife. You’d be surprised how much easier your life would be with one on your person, every single day. Once you discover that, you might add on a flashlight, a mini multitool (pictured), and a dedicated pocket knife (easier and safer to use.)

Everyone has different needs on what to carry; some carry a pen and notebook, saputangan, a flash disk, or a camera. I don’t, because I tried for a while and never used them.

But start with a good Swiss Army Knife. I recommend the Tinker, the Alox Cadet, or the Alox Pioneer.

Do you still carry a handkerchief around? What’s the rule of the thumb?

Some guys carry a handkerchief as part of their EDC (Everyday Carry), and some don’t. I belong to the second category. But I always make a point to use a handkerchief as a pocket square when I’m wearing a suit. Why? Because it’s visual trick to look slimmer. An accent on high up my chest leads the eye up and away from my thicker midsection and gives illusion of height.

Besides, it comes in handy to staunch a bullet wound, or as a tourniquet in case of a snake bite. And how else do you comfort a woman in tears with such panache and style?

For more casual wear, I suggest a bandana instead. You can wear it around your neck rakishly like a cowboy, or have it casually hanging out of the back of your jeans pocket like Bruce Springsteen. And if I ever own a Labrador Retriever one day, he’s gonna wear a blue one around his neck.

Hai, selamat siang. Di post sebelumnya bilang kalo tahu banyak soal pocket knives & watches. What do you think of Fossil Watches? Terima kasih. – Pera Yulianingsih

I don’t like Fossil Watches. Begitu pula dengan merk2 jam seperti Guess, Alexander Christie, dan sebagainya. Bahkan yang keluaran “desainer” seperti Calvin Klein, Michael Kors sekalipun.

Bukan urusan desain atau apa2 sih… tapi menurut saya, sebaiknya beli jam tangan yang mereknya memiliki “provenance/heritage” atau sejarah. Apakah itu berarti pasti mahal? Samasekali tidak.

Semua merek berikut ini harganya di kisaran Fossil:

Seiko, pencipta quartz movement. Timex, salah satu perusahaan jam tangan pertama di Amerika. Swatch, perusahaan yang menyelamatkan industri jam tangan Swiss dari kebangkrutan di tahun 80an. Atau Casio G-Shock, yang pertama membuat jam tangan yang tahan banting.

Why buy a Fossil when you can wear a piece of history for the same amount of money? 🙂

Have you had any bad experiences with knives?

One Sunday morning I was sitting at my table in thin jogging shorts, sharpening one of my knives. It was the Benchmade Barrage, one of my favorites.

Somehow the knife slipped out of my hand, fell point down, and stabbed my chair… right between my legs. If it landed even an inch towards me, it would’ve been a very bad experience indeed. And my chair has the hole to prove it.

Hi, I’m thinking to get myself a pocket knife. Since you seem like an expert on it, what kind of pocket knife would you recommend for a woman?

That’s awesome.. Once you carry one, you’ll wonder how you ever got through your days without one.

From my personal collection, I’d recommend the SOG Aegis Mini or the Spyderco Tenacious. These are my smaller knives, so it should fit your hand well.

If you prefer something less intimidating, check out the Ontario RAT with pink handles, Kershaw Ripple or Leek, or Opinels. You can order them from or

why knives, of all other things?

Why do I collect and carry pocket knives?

Primary Reason:

To use as a tool. Yes, a tool.. in no way do consider it a weapon. I wouldn’t know what to do with it in a fight. Personally, I have no idea how kamu2 orang get through your day without a pocket knife.

I use mine to open packages, letters, cereal boxes. To scrape dried glue off my jeans, clean out dirt from my mountainbike clips, cut loose threads from my shirts. To use as a makeshift screwdriver, to cut zip ties, to clean fingernails. To pry open windows, to cut up a big piece of pempek, and to clench between my teeth as I swing from tree to tree.

Secondary Reason:

As a homage to a more civilized time when men were… well, men. And back then, all men carried a pocket knife. It’s my nod to a tradition that goes back hundreds of years in the history of manhood. To go knifeless would have been like going pantless today. It was also a rite of passage for boys to be entrusted a knife by their fathers. It’s a philosophy of preparedness, of self-sufficiency, and… ah who am I kidding… of unapologetic manliness.

Okay, another question I usually get is… “Why do you need so many of them?”

Well, I can ask you the same about your shoes.