How would you describe your style?

My standard work wardrobe consists of black or midnight blue medium weight shirts, a heavy black leather belt I’ve worn for 14 years, black straight cut jeans, and various Doc Martens.

My weekend wear consists of v-neck (shallow V) sweaters or untucked linen shirts, leather belt, jeans or slim cargo pants, and Doc Martens.

Depending on climate, I have a variety of leather jackets and aviator shades.

And whatever situation I’m in, on me I always have a multitool, a pocket knife, a flashlight, my watch, a lighter wrapped in duct tape, and my phone.

Basically I dress the way I imagine a character in a Tom Clancy book would dress. I bet you can’t imagine Jack Ryan or John Clark in a polo shirt, retro sneakers, and celana 3/4 kan? There you go.

What makes you feel manly?

That I have personal values that are mine and mine alone.

That I do what I want to do, and I live how I want to live.

That I do not find it necessary to justify my actions or preferences to anyone else.

That is what makes me feel manly.

so supposed you met someone cute/hot/nice/you would date at a bar. what would you do to ask the person out?

Hmm. I’m not fluent on the subject, as I’m not the type who approaches women.. especially in public places. But hey, with enough vodkas under my belt and a few lingering glances, I’ve been known to strategise a method of approach which basically consists of asking “Hi.. namanya siapa?”

Though the other way around, where women approach *me* in bars… I’ve heard the line “sering kesini?” more than a few times. It’s an open-ended question that can lead to others things, which is all good.

(Bear in mind this only happened many years ago… years of more hair and less belly.)

But.. if your question was more towards “I see someone I know at the bar, and would like to ask him out”, then just approach him and say hello. Once contact details are exchanged, personally I prefer doing the “asking out” not on the spot but some other time. Like via chat. Why? Because I prefer making it VERY easy for that person to say no.