Re: wanita bekerja yg punya anak masih kecil Iya saya ngalamin sendiri, di tempat kerja satu-satunya yg belum nikah. Rekan sekerja ibu-ibu dgn anak masih kecil. Jadi sering izin dng alasan anak (sakit, acara sekolah, dll). Jd beban dialihkan ke saya. Enaknya kalo rekan kerja masih single juga..

Yeah, try saying this to them and I’ll bet you’ll get a righteously indignant “Saya kan seorang IBU!”

Well, so are the majority of adult women from Tasik to Timbuktu. So what’s your point?

Vipey, why it’s so difficult to find a job even when you are a fresh graduate with a really good GPA, but you already have husband&a child? :( p.s= punya kenalan di HRD, rekannya ngeinterview saya, dia bilang saya lebih bagus dibanding pesaing lain. tapi tidak keterima, karena alasan “itu”.

Kemungkinan besar karena kamu punya anak yang masih kecil. Why? Well.. I dare not go into it here. God knows kalau salah ngomong urusan ginian bisa kena Rabid Bunda hellfire.

Maybe you could convince your potential employer that it will not be a hindrance to your performance and dedication (ngga dikit2 dipakai sebagai excuse), OR wait til your child is older and more independent.

What’s your opinion on monogamy? Do you think being with one person for a long term is ideal and something everyone should strive for?

Personally I think monogamy is more of a social construct, and not a biological imperative. That being said, the only ideals a person should strive for are what makes him/her happy, with all things considered. And before the haters start going into a rage… yes, that INCLUDES monogamy.

Masalahnya kan itu.. so many people go through life on default mode, without thinking through what works for them, and end up subscribing to whatever society deems “correct.” If you never sit down and think about what makes you personally happy, then you’ll accept and blindly follow whatever society shoves upon you. Before you know it, you’ve wasted most of your life living by other people’s ideals.

So whichever way you swing… just make sure it’s a path that is of your own choosing.

Do you think It’s right to get revenge on someone, or would just let karma take It’s course?

Neither. I’m that guy who just says “biar Tuhan yang membalas”, because:

a.) I’m vain enough to assume that he is on MY team, and..

b.) he’s like my own personal enforcer to settle my personal disputes.

Oh offended, are we? Well, take it up with those people who say “biar Tuhan yang membalas” and mean it.. because I’m pretty sure that is how *they* see it.

Vipey, jika kamu menderma atau membantu lalu orang itu bersyukur dan mendoakanmu misal “semoga diberi kesehatan dan doa klise lainnya.” Apakah kamu akan langsung bilang menolak untuk didoakan?

Ngga akan menolak. It’s the sincerity of the thought that counts, and I consider it an expression of gratitude. In many ways, prayer is a lot like music. Both serve no *practical* purpose whatsoever… but if it makes you feel good, then hey, that’s a good enough reason to do it.

vipey, kan kita sering tuh denger nasehat untuk keluar dri comfort zone and challenge ourself with new things. Nah, mnurutmu dimana batas antara challenging ourself dengan memang sadar bahwa itu bukanlah bakat/minat anda? like realizing that it’s just not my thing?

You can challenge yourself and leave the comfort zone doing things yang sesuai minat kamu (sorry, I don’t like the word “bakat”).

This is how I see it: decide what you would do for free. And keep doing that particular thing beyond your own personal comfort level.

So by all means.. challenge yourself, but within your “own thing.” Why challenge yourself doing something that doesn’t interest you? There is nothing “mulia” or honorable about that, whatever it is.

I hope that made sense.

Vipey, why teasing and mocking take so much part of guys convo? And why so many of them act like bunch of ape when there’s a (pretty/cute) girl around?

First question: Why do men tease and mock when together? Because guys don’t say “bestie! my BFF! brother!” to eachother faces, but dibelakang mock and talk bad about eachother. You know, unlike.. *sinyal ilang*

Second question: I don’t know what you mean by “act like a bunch of apes”, but yes.. I’m sure there’s a lot of guys who regress into uncultured “Lesser Men” neanderthals when a pretty girl is present. In a way, it’s a form of “kampungan”.. if you haven’t been around a lot of pretty girls, your behaviour reflects it.

Real men, on the other hand, just keep their cool and behave normally. Paling mata aja yang alert buddies that someone someone cute is within range.

Hi Vipey, saya perempuan umur 20an. Belakangan keluarga & kerabat sering ceramah soal ‘berkeluarga’. Berkeluarga diasosiasikan dengan pencapaian hidup. Jujur saya capek dan kadang merasa terbebani. Apa semua ceramah itu benar karna sayang atau sebatas memaksakan pandangan mereka saja?

My guess is.. it’s 30 percent kasih sayang / genuine concern, and 70 percent “nanti apa kata saudara dan tetangga.”

But I must say, I get questions like this a lot.. and I can’t help feeling that replying to you is a lost cause.


Because in the end, you will all get married.

For all the “ih ih ngga deh ngapain sih nikah plis deh I’m too cool for school ntar gw adopsi aja gw sih pengen bebas komitmen apaan tuh liat aja banyak yang cerai gw ga butuh cowok ngapain plis deh ih ih ih”…

… you WILL get married.

So yeah.. sudahlaaah.