vipey, kan kita sering tuh denger nasehat untuk keluar dri comfort zone and challenge ourself with new things. Nah, mnurutmu dimana batas antara challenging ourself dengan memang sadar bahwa itu bukanlah bakat/minat anda? like realizing that it’s just not my thing?

You can challenge yourself and leave the comfort zone doing things yang sesuai minat kamu (sorry, I don’t like the word “bakat”).

This is how I see it: decide what you would do for free. And keep doing that particular thing beyond your own personal comfort level.

So by all means.. challenge yourself, but within your “own thing.” Why challenge yourself doing something that doesn’t interest you? There is nothing “mulia” or honorable about that, whatever it is.

I hope that made sense.

Vipey, why teasing and mocking take so much part of guys convo? And why so many of them act like bunch of ape when there’s a (pretty/cute) girl around?

First question: Why do men tease and mock when together? Because guys don’t say “bestie! my BFF! brother!” to eachother faces, but dibelakang mock and talk bad about eachother. You know, unlike.. *sinyal ilang*

Second question: I don’t know what you mean by “act like a bunch of apes”, but yes.. I’m sure there’s a lot of guys who regress into uncultured “Lesser Men” neanderthals when a pretty girl is present. In a way, it’s a form of “kampungan”.. if you haven’t been around a lot of pretty girls, your behaviour reflects it.

Real men, on the other hand, just keep their cool and behave normally. Paling mata aja yang alert buddies that someone someone cute is within range.

“If a tune goes around in your head and you cannot get rid of it, finish singing the song in its entirety. In the end, like everything else in life, all we want is closure.” and yet you said, “Closure is overrated”.

Wishing for a form of closure is understandable.

My issue is with those who feel ENTITLED to closure, and frickin’ demand it.

And y’know what’s messed up about it? Those who feel entitled, are often the ones who are least deserving.

So I stand by what I say.

You do free sex, mabu-mabuan consume booze, use drugs, kind of depression, ganteng juga ngga, sarcastic. But I must say your aura is incredible. :D

Free sex? Yup, and I make no apologies for it. What else is new?

Consume booze? Well, paling sampe tipsy dikit. I’m actually much friendlier with a few drinks under my belt.

Use drugs? Only the soft kind; twice a year at most.

Depression? Not anymore; I kicked it years ago.

Ganteng juga ngga? Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder .

Sarcastic? Yes, I use it as a defense mechanism

My aura is incredible? No, you just have low standards.

Hi, Vipey. I’m currently living in Bandung and I’ve seen some of my friends mengalami kejadian2 tdk enak di jalan (sexual harrassment baik dalam bentuk fisik maupun verbal meski pakaian sopan), and I’ve been there too. What do you think about this and do you have any suggestion untuk menghindarinya?

I wish I knew what to say. Men who cat-call or harass women make my blood boil, too. But I remember my housemate told me one trick she does:

When walking buy a group of men, sebelum mereka sempat komentar, dia sudah “punten” (this is Bandung, after all) duluan. It usually shuts them up, or actually make them respond politely. And say it normally, politely.. without being defensive. Yes, I’m sure I’ll get called out for this, but I’m just saying what works for her.