What kind of make up should women wear? Should it be the “nude” one?

That’s my personal preference, yes: immaculate makeup that looks as if she is not wearing makeup at all. Though for evening, I quite like the smoky-eye look. Or depending on the dress and hairdo, the frosty-eye look.

Want to know what is NOT my preference?

Fake eyelashes. Scary-as-fuck fake eyelashes that look like squished spiders stuck to her eyelids. Oh, the horror.

And before someone someone goes “What’s wrong with fake eyelashes? Some can look quite good..”

Let me save you the keystrokes and answer it now:


Om Adri, what do you think about DW (Daniel Wellington) watch? Worth the price?

Since I’m unfamiliar with the brand, I had to ask Piring about it and do some research. Apparently it’s all the rage among the hipsters now, isn’t it? Well, I won’t comment on the design as that’s very subjective. But it seems like the marketing hinges on the changeable NATO straps. I’m rather curious how that just caught on, as NATO straps have been around for decades. And that is independent of the watch brand itself, you can switch straps on any watch you currently own.

So the price ranges from 2 to 3 million rupiahs. I don’t know how important this is for others, but from my research, the brand has no provenance. It has no heritage. And I thought hipsters were all about “authenticity” and “Since 1862” and stuff like that. That in itself is fine… but think about it this way: Seiko, Casio, and Timex are all brands rich with history and heritage. And most of them are priced under 3 million rupiahs. So you hipsters could be wearing a watch brand that was conjured up 6 years ago and made in China. And Daniel Wellington might be some made-up character, for all you know.

No, not all watches must have history and heritage. But when you price it in that range, there are options that do. Example: Bell & Ross watches are in the 60 – 150 juta range. Do you know when that company was started? 1996. There is no story or history to the brand.. it’s all marketing. Why the hell would you want to spend that much money on a brand that is younger than you, when there are watch brands that go back to the 1800s?

halo! i just want to ask something.. do you prefer dating a girl with makeup or no-makeup? why? menurut km cewek itu “wajib” bisa makeup atau ngga?

My personal preference? I prefer dating a girl with makeup that LOOKS like she isn’t wearing makeup. Those membumi guys who say stuff like “gw suka cewek yg alami2 aja” obviously hasn’t woken up next to enough of them to have an informed opinion.

“Wajib”? No. Cewek ain’t got any kewajiban to do *anything* for the sake of men. I wouldn’t want to date a woman who wears makeup for me. I’d date a woman who wears makeup simply because it makes herself feel good.

What do men really think about women with padded bras? I don’t hate my small bust, but, I don’t like how it looks with clothes. Tidak ada bentuknya ;( Sorry, I know you don’t like fashion question, but I want to know what men really think, and especially one who knows about clothes.

Hmm. Personally, I can spot a padded bra from a mile away. Mind you, most men can’t. I understand that it’s more of an issue of “jatuhnya baju” for you than a matter of.. uhmmm… deception. Especially when it comes to evening dresses and the such. I guess it all comes down to how much padding you put there. As long as you don’t overdo it, it should be fine.

Besides, us men are already FULLY aware that most women come with visual deceptions. You ain’t that tall, hence the heels. And your face doesn’t actually look like that, hence the makeup. And you weren’t born with blue hair, that’s hair dye. And you ain’t got green eyes, those are contact lenses. And you don’t have crooked teeth, those were just painfully installed in your mouth. So no, we wouldn’t consider a bit of padding to be a major breach of contract. 😉

Hi Vipey, what do you think are the reasons for the short hair penchant you have? Is it because it looks more manly (cause you are, well, the God of Manliness), or is it because it is rare to find girls with that kind of hair so it makes them special (not rare, but not as common as long hair)?

For the record, no.. I’m not into women who look.. uh, manly. How you ever arrived at that conclusion is beyond me. On the other hand, I do prefer the less-feminine look. Short hair looks different, less ribet, and accentuates the face. And I find the back of the neck to be very sexy.

The next time you go to a restaurant, pay attention to how couples are seated.

You’ll always see a long-haired girl sitting *side-by-side* with her boyfriend. It’s subtle… but it also shows possesiveness by the boyfriend, and perhaps a desire to show her off to others. At the cost of having a proper face-to-face conversation with her.

But a short-haired girl? She will always sit across from him, having an eye-to-eye conversation. Because she is not someone for a man to guard, or show off as elbow-candy. And she would never date a man who sees her as such, either.

And that, is why I like short-haired women.

Hai, selamat siang. Di post sebelumnya bilang kalo tahu banyak soal pocket knives & watches. What do you think of Fossil Watches? Terima kasih. – Pera Yulianingsih

I don’t like Fossil Watches. Begitu pula dengan merk2 jam seperti Guess, Alexander Christie, dan sebagainya. Bahkan yang keluaran “desainer” seperti Calvin Klein, Michael Kors sekalipun.

Bukan urusan desain atau apa2 sih… tapi menurut saya, sebaiknya beli jam tangan yang mereknya memiliki “provenance/heritage” atau sejarah. Apakah itu berarti pasti mahal? Samasekali tidak.

Semua merek berikut ini harganya di kisaran Fossil:

Seiko, pencipta quartz movement. Timex, salah satu perusahaan jam tangan pertama di Amerika. Swatch, perusahaan yang menyelamatkan industri jam tangan Swiss dari kebangkrutan di tahun 80an. Atau Casio G-Shock, yang pertama membuat jam tangan yang tahan banting.

Why buy a Fossil when you can wear a piece of history for the same amount of money? 🙂

Handbags don’t work on men. What about shoes?

If you are referring to the style of shoes… yes, of course each guy has a personal preference. Some like strappy high heels, some like ballet slippers, some like sneakers.

But if you are referring to the brand… well, put it this way: the average guy would have NO idea whether it’s a Manolo Blahnik, or VNC, or Nine West you are wearing.