what’s your opinion towards beats by dr dre?

Because it’s the first headphones that were *marketed* to appeal to non-audiophiles, it became wildly popular among people who.. well, simply don’t know any better. If you’ve been using those cheap earphones that came with your iPod all your life, yes of course Beats would sound good. Kalau ada yang bela Beats mati2an, coba aja tanya.. emangnya sudah membandingkan dengan headphone apa saja? What is the frame of reference? 🙂

Personally, I think the heavy thumping bass of Beats just drowns out the nuances and details. If you want skull-rattling “pecah sob!” sound, a recognizable and hip brand (that has nothing to do with audio), prefer form-over-function, and want to spend way too much money for all that… then by all means, get Beats by Dr Dre. (Feel free to insert a Daniel Wellington joke here.)

But if all you care about well-balanced sound from a bonafide audio brand, and consistently reviewed as the best headphones for the budget, then I suggest the Audio Technica ATH-M50x.

Which brand do you prefer for headphone ? Sennheiser/audio technica/sony. Don’t mention Dr Dre plz bcoz for me they’re just overpriced due to the brand name

I currently use a foldable Sennheiser (on ear) for travelling, and an Audio Technica M50x (over ear) for listening at home through amplifiers. The Audio Technica was my first “serious” headphone, and I chose it based on reviews on www.head-fi.org. It has consistently been reviewed as the best “bang for the buck” headphones, and kebetulan masuk budget. I used to own a pair of Etymotics (in ear monitors), and they were also awesome.

And yes, I agree about Dr Dre. It’s for people who just don’t know any better.

Your all-time top 10 songs?

These are my top 10 songs of the last 5 – 10 years, so it has stood the test of time:

Until the Traffic Stops – Alex Cornish

Gorecki – Lamb

Just Like You Imagined – Nine Inch Nails

Operation Dinner Out – OST Spygame

Empty’s Theme Park – Matthew Good

Passive – A Perfect Circle

In The Sun – Joseph Arthur

Elysium – OST Gladiator

Fear – Sarah McLachlan

No Light, No Light – Florence + The Machine

Hello, Mas Adrian! I’m wondering: If you are given the chance to make a music video, what song would you direct? And if you could remake one, what song would it be? Have a great weekend! – Anggada Samira

“Until the Traffic Stops” by Alex Cornish, from the album “Until the Traffic Stops”


“Empty’s Theme Park” by Matthew Good, from the album “Vancouver”

Why? Because these are my two most favorite songs ever (of the past 5 years), and neither of them have music videos.

The last time I checked, Alex Cornish only has less than a thousand followers on Twitter (folbek pula). And konon Matthew Good is always in and out of mental institutions, rarely does music videos, and refuses to perform outside of Canada.

I wonder if you’ve ever been to Nine Inch Nails concert… If not, have you ever been to any concert, and which one you enjoyed most?

Nope, belum pernah. And as much as I like NIN, I’m not one to fly abroad to see them.

But when I do go to concerts, it’s only of artists I listen to on a *daily* basis.

So no, when some band is coming to town, I’m not that guy who:

a.) mendadak ngefans

b.) “hafalin lirik dulu aaah”

c.) goes to alternative or rock concerts but listens to R&B on the way there

d.) jerit2 on that ONE hit song is played

e.) posts pics on social media the following day

Kaka kenapa nggak suka R&B kak?

You know those people who say “Favorite music: ap aj yg enak d’kuping,,,,”?

Those people listen to R&B.

Basically, it’s music for people who don’t really LIKE music, but want to LOOK as if they do.

(I’m not cynical; you people just ask too many questions that make me SEEM that way.)

You know exactly when it comes to 90’s young people are really obsessed to Britpop and some hipster are still can’t move on with it. Do you?

Yes, I know exactly how some people are hopelessly stuck to the memories and the music from their old glory days. Like guys older than me who are stuck to Genesis, or my age and stuck to U2, or younger and stuck to Pearl Jam. And some aren’t even stuck to their OWN music of choice, but to whatever music their PARENTS listened to when they were young. It makes me shudder so much, I’m not even gonna type the name of the bands.

My issue with this has nothing do with being hip, cool, and current. It’s about keeping an open mind. I still listen to a lot of music from my highschool years, but I’m also very receptive to music that’s new and unfamiliar. I like to have my preconceptions and preferences challenged. And when I watch V Channel and go “buset ini gue aja yang tua or is Minaj and Azalea actually horrible sounding?”, I’m aware it has nothing to do with age. Why? Because when I was 18, I also hated the *equivalent* artists of that era.

You know what I consider being “old”? It’s when you can’t keep an open mind, and lack the willingness to try new things (ideas, music, food etc). And by that definition, I know people in their 20s and early 30s who consider OLD.

Oh, you think that will never happen to you? You think you’re so open-minded and too cool to say “enakan musik jaman dulu ya…” in 12 years time? Oh I wouldn’t be so sure. You’re not above it.

Do you listen to indie music? What do you think about it?

Yup.. actually a large proportion of my music collection is indie. But like any music genre, there are always sub-genres I don’t like. So yeah, indie subgenres can sometimes get too.. whiny teenager, sengak teenager, pria sensitif berjenggot + kupluk nyanyi falsetto, or oh la la francais guys with synthesizers.

So what indie bands do I listen to? Not telling. Karena males aja nanti ada yang komen “yaelaaah bro, itu sih mainstream!”

You know, as you hipsters usually do.

pick one of the following questions (or if you want, you can answer both): do you have a favorite book / is there a song that is stuck in your head right now? – hello

“Gone Tomorrow” – Lee Childs. By no means would I consider it a favorite book, but I just finished it last night and it’s the main reason why I’ve been short of sleep these past 2 weeks. I think it’s the 13th installment in the “Jack Reacher” series of books. And yes, don’t judge a book by its lame Tom Cruise movie.

“Erase” – Copeland. My favorite song this month. Been repeating it several times a day for the past 3 weeks. A close second is “Chiromancer”, from the same album.