Vipey, kayanya pernah cerita suka sling bag timbuk2. How about backpack? Ada merk favorite gak?

Personally, I think no man over the age of 24 should ever use a backpack as his daily carry. But hey, that’s just me.

The sling bags I carry are mainly messenger bags, like the ones used in the movie Premium Rush. My favorite brands are and And if could afford it, I’d definitely get a and for daily business use.

I own one special-use backpack; a with hydration bladder that is designed specifically for mountain-biking. But if I ever had to use a backpack, I’d go for,, and www.arcteryx. All are designed to be practically bomb-proof, with clever technical details.

vipey, whats ur traveling essentials?

I’ll narrow down the list to what I keep in my cabin bag on long flights (at least 5 hours), with a one hour transit:

– A shemagh, also known as a Palestinian headscarf. It’s basically a manly version of a pashmina.

– My Android phone, preloaded with books and podcasts.

– On-ear headphones; easier to take on and off, and wear on neck.

– In-ear monitors; lightweight and also serve as earplugs.

– A single AAA battery flashlight, like the Thrunite Ti3

– A bladeless multitool, like a Leatherman prybar.

– Duct tape wrapped around a lighter or old plastic card (as lighters are prohibited in flights in China).

– Hand sanitizer. I don’t even want to imagine the germs on flights.

– Antangin sachet. “Masuk angin” is not a real ailment, but that stuff is the best way to knock yourself out.

– Lip balm. Cabin air is very dry.

– Powerbank and cables.

– A pen, for filling out immigration cards.

– Mints and a Snickers bar.

– Foreign currency.

– Passport and travel documents

– Sunglasses.

hi, vipey. what brand of men’s sporty sunglasses and crossbodies bag do you recommend ?

Regarding sunglasses, I just wear a pair of Ray Ban Aviators (like in my avatar). I like them because it’s a classic style that will never go out of style, and comes from a brand with heritage and history. And if you don’t lose or break them, the initial investment is worth it as they will serve you for years. Like my watch, I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing it twenty years from now. Oh, and don’t bother buying KW sunglasses… those things will snap on you within a a couple of months. Been there, done that.

Crossbody bags.. I think you mean messenger style bags, right? That’s the way to go for any male over the age of 25. It’s time to put the backpack away when you reach that age. I use a black bag that comes with a lifetime warranty. Not cheap, considering that it looks like any local Eiger or Export bag, but I had one that lining started to crack after 5 years. I emailed them a picture, and they replaced it with a newer better one; no questions asked. I also use a Chrome Citizen messenger bag for cycling. It’s an excellent bomb-proof bag that will last me forever, but it’s meant to be worn on a bike. Not recommended for daily use, because of how it sits on the back. You should check out it’s a very comprehensive site on men’s bags with detailed reviews.

Daripada beli trendy bags at some hip bookstore di mall for sejuta rupiah and use it for 2 or 3 years, it’s better to pay a little more for a bag that’s built (and designed) to last you 10 years.

Om Adri, what do you think about DW (Daniel Wellington) watch? Worth the price?

Since I’m unfamiliar with the brand, I had to ask Piring about it and do some research. Apparently it’s all the rage among the hipsters now, isn’t it? Well, I won’t comment on the design as that’s very subjective. But it seems like the marketing hinges on the changeable NATO straps. I’m rather curious how that just caught on, as NATO straps have been around for decades. And that is independent of the watch brand itself, you can switch straps on any watch you currently own.

So the price ranges from 2 to 3 million rupiahs. I don’t know how important this is for others, but from my research, the brand has no provenance. It has no heritage. And I thought hipsters were all about “authenticity” and “Since 1862” and stuff like that. That in itself is fine… but think about it this way: Seiko, Casio, and Timex are all brands rich with history and heritage. And most of them are priced under 3 million rupiahs. So you hipsters could be wearing a watch brand that was conjured up 6 years ago and made in China. And Daniel Wellington might be some made-up character, for all you know.

No, not all watches must have history and heritage. But when you price it in that range, there are options that do. Example: Bell & Ross watches are in the 60 – 150 juta range. Do you know when that company was started? 1996. There is no story or history to the brand.. it’s all marketing. Why the hell would you want to spend that much money on a brand that is younger than you, when there are watch brands that go back to the 1800s?

hello vipey, kamu pernah nge tweet Leather jacket > suit. any suggestion merk jaket kulit apa yg kamu recommend / yg ada di wardrobe kamu? and how about produsen kulit lokal? is it any good? thank you – Edwin Waskito

Untuk jaket kulit pria, saya paling suka Jaket Belstaff Trialmaster dulu dipakai oleh Steve McQueen dan Che Guevara, dan juga dipakai Will Smith di film I Am Legend. Saya pribadi kurang suka model motorcycle jacket, tapi yang paling pertama dan bagus adalah keluaran Jaket Schott Perfecto itu terkenal karena dipakai oleh Marlon Brando di film The Wild One, dan kemudian menjadi semacam seragam untuk band2 seperti The Ramones dan The Velvet Underground.

Apakah Indonesia memproduksi jaket kulit yang bagus? Sepertinya ada… tapi untuk brand2 luar negeri. Dengan kata lain, hanya untuk ekspor dan kita tidak akan bisa beli disini dengan harga lokal. Kalaupun saya bisa pastikan jahitan, desain, dan cutting bisa bagus, saya tetap tidak bisa mendapatkan kulit dengan kualitas seperti merek2 yang saya sebut diatas.

Kalau mau jaket kulit murah meriah, coba ke Itu workshop di Garut, dan bisa pesan online. Saya pernah iseng pesan dengan kasih gambar dan ukuran detail, hasilnya ya not bad lah ya. Soal kualitas kulit, ya di Indonesia pasti itu2 saja. Dan jahitan, well.. can’t really expect too much. Sesuai harga saja.

Are Doc Martens worth the price, Sir?

Oh definitely. I’m sure you’ve owned a pair of shoes that still look good, and then after a few rainy days they start to come apart at the stitching between the soles and uppers? That simply doesn’t happen with Doc Martens due to a proprietary method of fusing the uppers and soles. As long as you keep the leather polished/nourished and away from direct heat sources, you can literally wear a pair sampai sol-nya tipis and it will never come apart. I have a pair that I’ve worn for 7 years, and I don’t see it failing anytime soon.

Do you think buying luxury watches like rolex, panerai, omega, AP, etc is a good investment? And why?

If you define “investment” as something that rises in value over time resulting in a profit… no, it’s not an investment at all. But like comic books and paintings, of course there are watches that appreciate in value over years.. but no, it’s not something you want to bet the farm on.

Ultra-luxury watches like Patek Phillipe and Glasshutte lose 10% of it’s sticker value within a year of purchase, but have better chances of appreciating due to (unproven) practices of Patek repurchasing their secondhand watches to maintain a high secondary market. Luxury watches like Rolex and Panerai lose 20% of sticker value within a year, and medium-luxury brands like Omega and Breitling, around 25% to 30%.

I think the most cost-effective way to enjoy watches is to buy a secondhand watch that is 2 to 4 years old, wear it for a couple of years, and sell it for another used watch. If you have a good eye and know what to look for, you might not even “lose” any money on each transaction, AND you get to enjoy a nice watch for a year or two.

But yeah, if you want to invest… go buy Reksadana and use the profits to get a nice secondhand watch. 🙂

Disclaimer: Just because I discuss watches, in no way is it implied that I own any of the aforementioned brands.

Do you still carry a handkerchief around? What’s the rule of the thumb?

Some guys carry a handkerchief as part of their EDC (Everyday Carry), and some don’t. I belong to the second category. But I always make a point to use a handkerchief as a pocket square when I’m wearing a suit. Why? Because it’s visual trick to look slimmer. An accent on high up my chest leads the eye up and away from my thicker midsection and gives illusion of height.

Besides, it comes in handy to staunch a bullet wound, or as a tourniquet in case of a snake bite. And how else do you comfort a woman in tears with such panache and style?

For more casual wear, I suggest a bandana instead. You can wear it around your neck rakishly like a cowboy, or have it casually hanging out of the back of your jeans pocket like Bruce Springsteen. And if I ever own a Labrador Retriever one day, he’s gonna wear a blue one around his neck.

What do you wear to work, Vipey?

Boots (6 hole or chelsea)

Black straight cut jeans

– Left back pocket: AAA flashlight, mini multitool

– Right back pocket: wallet, folding knife.

Leather Belt

Black or Midnight Blue or Gunmetal Grey shirt

Watch (stainless steel dive watch or leather strap dress watch)

Fitness Tracker

Leather jacket

Scarf (optional)