Re: wanita bekerja yg punya anak masih kecil Iya saya ngalamin sendiri, di tempat kerja satu-satunya yg belum nikah. Rekan sekerja ibu-ibu dgn anak masih kecil. Jadi sering izin dng alasan anak (sakit, acara sekolah, dll). Jd beban dialihkan ke saya. Enaknya kalo rekan kerja masih single juga..

Yeah, try saying this to them and I’ll bet you’ll get a righteously indignant “Saya kan seorang IBU!”

Well, so are the majority of adult women from Tasik to Timbuktu. So what’s your point?

Vipey, why it’s so difficult to find a job even when you are a fresh graduate with a really good GPA, but you already have husband&a child? :( p.s= punya kenalan di HRD, rekannya ngeinterview saya, dia bilang saya lebih bagus dibanding pesaing lain. tapi tidak keterima, karena alasan “itu”.

Kemungkinan besar karena kamu punya anak yang masih kecil. Why? Well.. I dare not go into it here. God knows kalau salah ngomong urusan ginian bisa kena Rabid Bunda hellfire.

Maybe you could convince your potential employer that it will not be a hindrance to your performance and dedication (ngga dikit2 dipakai sebagai excuse), OR wait til your child is older and more independent.

I really like your answer about cari pekerjaan/karyawan. Boleh tau ngga, how do you feel ketika karyawan terbaik resign? And what is it like ketika harus memutuskan hubungan kerja?

Pada saat karyawan tersebut resign, ya tentu rasanya berat. Tapi secara long term, biasanya tidak jadi masalah karena selalu digantikan orang baru yang either just as good, or much better than that person.

Memutuskan hubungan kerja is one of the hardest things to do. Why? Because, if anything, the fault is mine for hiring that person.

Karena itu, saya selalu introspeksi. Did I hire the right person? Did the person fit what I need, and fit the culture? Did I create an environment that was right for me AND the employee? And I learn from it, and try to apply it to my next hire.

Maybe there are better opportunities that I simply couldn’t provide. So of course I wish the person well, and be thankful for the services provided.

Not much different from relationships in general, eh. 🙂

Vipey, kenapa mencari pekerjaan itu sulit ya? Daftar, tes, FGD, interview sana-sini, di mana-mana, gagal terus. Maaf ini curhatan sampah banget, but this made me feel like I’m a failure. Semacam “apa sih yg saya bisa, apa-apa gagal terus”. Sorry Vipey, but I just need to get this shit out of my head

Sebagai pengusaha, anehnya yang paling sulit bagi saya adalah mencari pegawai. Dan bukan dari segi hard skills, pengalaman, atau pendidikan… tapi murni di urusan sikap, keinginan untuk belajar, dan menghadapi tantangan.

And you know what.. if I talk to my other friends who run businesses, they say exactly the same thing. I’m not sure where the disconnect is, but you have to realize that we read hundreds of CVs a year, and interview several dozens. How do you set yourself apart from the others with similar CVs? Prove that you are eager to improve yourself as person, whatever the job is. Prove that if met with challenges or difficulties or conflicts with co-workers, ngga akan “mau sekolah lagi/bantuin usaha ortu.” Prove that you have what it takes to “stick with it” and learn as much as you can along the way, tanpa banyak excuses or “ini kan ngga sesuai pendidikan saya.”

Tau sih, reply beginian sudah pasti akan banyak sanggahan sana-sini. But I am merely stating a fact, and how it is from an employer’s perspective. So yeah, everytime I complain about “susah cari pegawai”, please don’t say “lho kan begitu banyak yang cari pekerjaan”, because in the real world there is no correlation between the two.

Hi, Mr. Vipey. Just recently my boss regulated work hour of my department, demanding us to change our days off so we can work on weekends. It’s not in our contract. Is it ok if we threaten to resign bc of it? I want to know from my boss’ pov. Thank you.

You don’t “threaten” to resign. You negotiate with your boss to find middle ground, and if it is not resolved, then you should submit your resignation. The way I see it, your boss changed the work hours out of necessity and recent developments, not to trick you into signing a contract.

As any relationships, things change along the way. If this change isn’t workable for you, it’s up to you to find another job. As cold as this may sound, -generally speaking- companies do not form its policies around its employees… so the burden of decision is on you.

Mas Adrian, what keeps you motivated on a day to day basis with your work? Not everyone is lucky to have work they are passionate about dan money only goes so far. I know I read you don’t sharing about your work so I am sorry for this question, but maybe you change your mind, thank you. :)

I suppose this is the part where I go Pecha Kucha and wax poetic about “pursuit of passion” and all that jazz, right? Sorry to disappoint you, but I won’t. Do I like what I do? Yes, of course. Do I *always* like it, and all the necessary evils that come with the job? Not at all.

So how do I keep motivated? Well, I don’t exactly have a choice in the matter. I have KPR payments to make, business loans to pay, and a family to feed, clothe, house, and keep entertained. And more importantly, I have employees who -in one way or the other- rely on me.

Am I assuming that I’m the only person they can rely on for a monthly income? No. But if are asking me what motivates me to keep going when everything goes to hell (as it often does, mind you), then honestly speaking.. it’s them.

But yes, you are right that I don’t share my work or stories on social media. I never kultwit kisah hidup penuh hikmah (I ain’t some bijak-selebtwit), I never brag/complain about how hard I work (I ain’t some #Jakartan ahensi guy), I never PAP or tweet links to my work (I ain’t, well.. everyone else on socmed, I guess), and I never mention what I accomplish (I’m more prone to mentioning my failures, actually.) All of that, that I just mentioned? That’s for other people to do.

Vipey, you and your siblings kan nggak nerusin your father’s business, trus usahanya tutup gitu aja? I’m in the same situation as you were. I don’t want to continue my father’s business. Tapi bedanya, I still dont know what im going to do with my life after i graduate from uni :( And did your father ever ask you to help him out with his business? Trus how did you respond? Barusan my parents asked me to bantu2 di kantornya, tapi i refused. I said i have to study for the exams next week, emang bener sih ada exams, tp gak segitu “urgent” nya, emang i males aja.. and now im cryinggg, idk why, i just…feel guilty as f***. Tiba2 ngerasa ngga enak gitu loh, rasanya kaya ngga berguna banget jadi anak. Soalnya tadi my father minta i bantuin jg karena lagi kurang pegawai. I dont usually ask for advice from stranger on the internet, but… vipey plss help mee. oh ya! My father juga ngga pernah maksa i buat continue his business, he said cari kerjaan yg makes you happy. Nah masalahnya im still clueless banget, and it makes me feel more guilty. Sorry panjang pertanyaannya huhu, thanks vipey. I think youre like…..the most ‘trustworthy’ person on askfm

First question: Iya sih, karena me and my siblings memang tidak tertarik meneruskan bisnisnya, akhirnya tutup saja. My dad said he built his business for himself, not for his children. Kalau kita mau meneruskan, boleh.. but it shouldn’t be because we just don’t know what else to do with our lives.

Second question: Yes, I helped out with his businesses. When I was much younger, he owned some restaurants so I would help cleaning up or waiting the tables when needed. Did I enjoy it? Not really.. tapi ya ngga beban2 amat juga lah. Biasa aja.

Okay, now that I have answered your questions, here’s what I have to say: So your dad ngga maksa kamu meneruskan atau bantu2 di bisnisnya. Your dad also said you are free to find a job that makes you happy. Do you have ANY idea how lucky you are?

You know how it is for the average kid whose parents own a business? Not only do they have to help out at some ruko or gudang (bukan kantor!) for hours each day, they have no options for their future. They will continue the family business, whether they like it or not. “Passion? Makan tuh passion!” Yup, not very many entrepreneur parents are of the Pecha Kucha crowd. Passion is a privilege of a very few.

Another thing: if you have no direction on what you want to do with your life, then I understand if your father would insist on giving you one. Seriously, helping out with their business ain’t bad. Not only will you make your parents happy, but you will also learn very useful things along the way… regardless what you decide to do with your life later

Hai adrian, saya perempuan 27 tahun, memang kalo saya mengejar karir itu salah ya? Saya trauma dgn laki-laki, karena bapak saya kurang bertanggung jawab, ada saran? Terima kasih :)

Sorry, apa hubungannya trauma urusan laki2, dan ngejar karir? Because if you are implying that women yang ngejar karir itu adalah sebagai KOMPENSASI urusan menikah/berkeluarga… that would *really* piss me off.

Terus terang, ada beberapa hal yang bikin kaget sih waktu pindah ke Indonesia. My sister was very successful in her career, and was mostly single until the end of her life. It took me a while to “ngeh” what people meant when they would comment “oh pantesan, karirnya bagus.” And when I realized what it meant, yes.. it made my blood boil.

Some of us live the way we want to live: by conscious choice, and by what makes us happy. Not because we are compensating for something else.

Dear vipey, i hate my boss and my job. But in contrary i love my pay and i know that i can learn so much and gain a lot of experiences. I can’t stand him, how should i handle this? Stay or go?

So you’re learning much, gaining experience, and making good pay… but you hate your boss. Well, nothing is perfect. That’s like asking for a partner who is beautiful, intelligent, AND emotionally stable. If you’re lucky, you’ll get two out of three.

But all joking aside, if you haven’t been working for very long, then you should stay. I firmly believe that if there is one thing you should consider when doing anything, is “how much can I learn and develop myself by doing this.” That should be your main consideration. Everything else is just.. the heat in the kitchen. And with the knowledge and experience under your belt, in a few years you’ll have more leverage at your new job.