halo om vipey, boleh rekomendasiin tempat-tempat makan enak di bandung yang wajib dicoba?

Saya berasumsi kamu nanya soal *makanan* yang enak ya, dan bukan tongkrongan. Because I notice that you #Jakartans tend to get confused between “good food” and “cool hangout”. Those are two different things, and you rarely get both in one place.

So since this is about *food*, any #Jakartans comments like “yaelaah Dri, tongkrongan elo segini doang” will be ignored.

– Roast chicken and belgian fries at Volcano Bar

– Big breakfast at Two Hands Full

– Bakmie Menara at Food Opera

– Cireng Cipaganti

– Tahu Kalasam

– Baso Tahu Tulen on Setiabudhi

– Batagor Abuy

– Sate babi at Puri Bambu

– Baso Pak Kawit on Sukajadi

– Tahu Pedas (and beer) at Gianni’s Cihampelas

– Swike Jatiwangi at Paskal Food Market

– Sate Maulanayusuf

– Nasi Hainam Campur Bintang on Jalan Klenteng

– Bakpao Ming Yen

– Pork Schnitzel at Glosis

– Tahu Isi Cendana

– Gado2 at Sop Buntut Dahapati

– Sop Kaki Kambing at Taman Lalu Lintas

Can u tell me exactly why u dont eat cumi? Thank you.

Octopus, to be exact.. not cumi. Yeah, I gave up eating takoyaki and the grilled octopus at Kitchenette after reading how highly evolved octopi are; displaying self-awareness, intellect, and emotional intelligence.

Here’s a few articles you might find interesting:



I guarantee you’ll never see those baby octopi on your plate at Sushi Tei the same way ever again. 🙂 That being said.. one of my favorite chinese dishes is still its close cousin, cumi cabe garam.

why kacang dua kelinci is better than its the fiercest competitor kacang garuda ?

Man, that’s easy. Pick up kacang Garuda yang masih dalam kulitnya. Shake and listen to it. It rattles around loosely. But Kacang Dua Kelinci? Just a faint “thud thud.” Open both, and you’ll see that Kacang Dua Kelinci fills the shell karena gendut2. Kacang Garuda? Kurus krempeng, kayak pake baju kegedean.

Now eat them. Dua Kelinci just tastes so much better, with just the right amount of saltiness. I think Kacang Garuda is like Dr Dre Beat headphones: it’s for people yang kemakan iklan and simply don’t know any better.

how much is your budget threshold when planning to cook a meal? what are your staple ingredients? what are the stuff you avoid to buy? do you hone your knifing skill?


I generally skip any recipe that require imported charcuterie/cured meats such as andouille or italian sausage, imported cheeses like gruyere or blue cheese (parmesan or Kraft boleh lah), or wine (bisa diganti grape juice). I do a good salmon with Jack Daniel’s sauce, but rarely make it because of the cost. I occasionally buy beef, and when I do it’s always local. Pork and chicken is cheaper and easier to cook.

Staple Items:

My fridge and pantry always has wheat bread, eggs, carrots, onions, milk, frozen peas, cheese, mayo, seasonal fruit, flour, a variety of herbs and dry spices.

Stuff I avoid:

Anything out of my budget, as I described above. As much as I like imported canned goods, it’s also too expensive. I try avoiding buying anything that is heavily preserved, full of nitrites or salt (but Ma Ling is an occasional treat), or high in fat (oh bacon is still worth it).

Knife skills:

I have none. I’ve bookmarked some instructional videos on youtube but haven’t gotten around to learning them. But I’ve learned how to sharpen my kitchen knife on a steel rod, and yes.. I feel kinda badass whenever I do it.

Adrian, would you mind sharing good restaurants in Bandung? Thank you.

It really depends on what you mean by “good restaurant”. Because often times “good food” and “good ambience” are two different things. The problem is that #Jakartans tend to confuse the two.

It’s like when #Jakartans say “Dri, kopi yang enak dimana, Dri?”, I know they are not referring to the beverage. What they are actually asking is “Dri, tempat nongkrong paling happening yang ada kopi di menu, dimana, Dri?” They’d sip kopi sachet at some Dago Atas tourist-trap cafe and consider it gourmet coffee.

But that aside, I was just chatting with one of my friends who owns a popular Bandung food blog. We realized that we are so clueless about the new places that have been popping up, as we are trapped at home on weekends because of the traffic. Both of us agreed that, unless the food is SO exceptional that we’d hear about it, it’s just not the effort of suffering the traffic.

So I’m afraid that my selection of restaurants are usually within a 4 kilometer radius of my house. Not the hippest places in town, but some of them serve some exceptional dishes. Ranging from hotel restaurants (Maja), bule bars (Volcano), porky (Puri Bambu), to kios (Batagor Abuy). My food blogger friend and I are blissfully unaware of those new restaurants popping up around Dago, Progo or Riau (Beehive, Blue Doors, etc), which tend to be more ambiance-oriented. Which is fine in its own right.. I just happen to prefer good *food*.

Vipey, cuanki yg enak di Bandung di mana ya?

Cuankie yang enak itu ya yang di pikulan itu. Accept no substitute. Especially kalau siomaynya sudah overcooked and floats in the steaming kuah like ubur2. Cuankie yang *tidak* enak (tapi anehnya terkenal), yang di Jalan Serayu. I reckon it’s for those #Jakartans who simply don’t know any better.

Om, ada rekomendasi rumah makan yg jual masakan babi enak di Bandung?

Puri Bambu dekat Karang Setra. Itu dua restoran dengan nama yang sama bersebelahan (don’t ask), saya recommend ke yang besar di kanan. Ini chinese style sih. Good sate, bacang, and iga cabe garam.

Nasi Campur Bintang di Jalan Kelenteng. As good as nasi campur di Jakarta, tapi sore2 sudah tutup.

Two Hands Full di Jalan Sukajadi. Okay honestly saya belum coba semua… but the breakfast uses pork bacon, dan ada pulled pork sandwiches.

Bakpao and Siomay Ming Yen di Jalan Sudirman. Sebanding lah sama yang ada di Jakarta Utara.

Pokatiam di Pasir Kaliki. Chinese style pork and dimsum. It’s not bad, but belum Jakarta Utara level.

Glosis di Hegarmanah. Restoran jerman old school.. been around since the 80s. The wiener schnitzel is the best I’ve ever had. It’s not authentic, as it uses rosemary in the coating. And I order with hollandaise sauce. But it’s much more flavorful than the bland schnitzel you get at Paulaner Brauhaus.

Sate dan martabak porky di Sudirman Street.

Hi Vipey, Your take on new martabak variants such as with kitkat green tea or Nutella?

No opinion, as I’m not a martabak guy as it is.

Personally, I don’t understand the appeal of martabak. It’s a like a mattress of grease, it’s toothachingly sweet, a single order is gigantic as it is, and the refrigerated leftovers taste horrible.

And do you wanna know something else? I’ll tell you something else.

Marmer di kuburan itu seringkali dicongkel dan dicuri. What use would anyone have for one single piece of marble? Why would anyone steal that?

Because it’s used for making martabak telor.

So the next time you see “Beristirahat Dengan Tenang” imprinted in your martabak…

you’ll know why.