Book has no place in this modern life. Do you agree?

Let me see if I understand you correctly.

You are asking this particular question *here*, on, where everyone:

a.) PAPs pages of books they read (usually with a cup of coffee along with it)?

b.) PAPs bookstores and libraries and say “this is my heaven…”?

c.) claim to be “sapiosexuals” (with the assumption that someone with half a brain would be interested in them)?

d.) claim to love the smell of books, you wonder why Aksara isn’t selling it as a deodorant already?

e.) quote Bukowski and Plath like no tomorrow, I have this urge to Palahniuk-in jidatnya satu2?

Well, good luck handling the indignant replies from offended hipsters.

what do you think of 50 shades of grey?

I tried reading the first 20 pages or so, and I couldn’t continue. No, I’m not some Murakami/Tolstoy quoting guy who is “too smart” for popular fiction.. not at all. I just have this thing where I’m supremely gengges’ed by characters (male or female) who seem… wide-eyed and awestruck by another character.

That’s the same reason why I can’t stand The Twilight series. Vampires and werewolves are all good in my book. But a character whose entire reason for existence is some guy? There is something very nauseating about people who ADORE. For whatever reason.

I also heard that by the end of the 50 Shades series, the character changes. She opened his eyes to the “errors of his ways”, and he leaves his penchant for BDSM behind. Yup, that’s another thing on my gengges list. That assumption that you can change someone. Why didn’t she just say “NEXT!” and find someone who fits her more vanilla lifestyle? Susah amat.

Hi Dri, have you read any atheist-books such as God Is Not Great, The God Delusion, etc ? If so, what are your thoughts on them ? Do you have any “favorite” philosophers ? And do you really consider yourself as an atheist [I am] and why ? Sorry if I’m asking a lot :\ have a pleasant day Dri

Ah, those books by Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens? Actually.. nope. I have not read a single one. Why? Because unlike some customs and beliefs that need constant reinforcement by rituals or reading passages (lest these beliefs die and become extinct), I don’t find it necessary to read anything that I’m pretty sure I already know about. No point preaching to the choir, so to speak.

If anything, I prefer my viewpoints to be *challenged*. So yes, I’ve occasionally read books by spiritual leaders, or books GBUs gifted to me, like “The Case for God”. Hell, I even suffered 37 minutes of “Left Behind”. Did it work? Well, that’s certainly time wasted that I ain’t gonna get back.

pick one of the following questions (or if you want, you can answer both): do you have a favorite book / is there a song that is stuck in your head right now? – hello

“Gone Tomorrow” – Lee Childs. By no means would I consider it a favorite book, but I just finished it last night and it’s the main reason why I’ve been short of sleep these past 2 weeks. I think it’s the 13th installment in the “Jack Reacher” series of books. And yes, don’t judge a book by its lame Tom Cruise movie.

“Erase” – Copeland. My favorite song this month. Been repeating it several times a day for the past 3 weeks. A close second is “Chiromancer”, from the same album.

What is your favorite book about ‘faith’ and ‘religion’?

I’ve read a few books on faith and religion, like those by Karen Armstrong and the Dalai Lama. I even read “The Case for Faith” by Lee Strobel. A GBU girl gave it to me.. she had concerns about my salvation or something like that.

And yes, I also read the Bible. Here’s a tip: The old testament is the juiciest of the two testaments. Definitely rated R.

If I had to choose a favorite, I’ll say “The Art of Happiness” by the Dalai Lama.

Have I read anything by Dawkins or Hitchens? Not a single one. No point preaching to the choir.

What kind of books do you read, Dri? – Obin

Hey Obin,

I mostly read non-fictions such as Jared Diamond, Mary Roach, Jon Krakauer, and Desmond Morris.

Currently I’m reading “Consider The Fork”, about the evolution of kitchen and eating utensils since the dawn of man.

The fiction I occasionally read is really nothing to Instagram or Tweet about… so no Murakami, Pramoedya, or Plath, sorry.

I read Cormac McCarthy, Tom Wolfe, Thomas Harris, Robert Harris, and Tom Clancy. I just finished “Gone Girl”; the movie should be out soon.

What’s your favorite book? Do you read a lot? – Tessa Fiona

That’s a difficult question. It’s like asking “what’s your favorite movie”. My favorite authors are Mary Roach, Thomas Harris, Robert Harris, Tom Wolf, and Jon Krakauer.

And yes, it would be hard to say if I read “a lot” or not. Compared to the person who is kuliahan or academia and not into movies or going out and reads at least 3 hours a day? Probably not. But based on my “Finished Reading” folder in my Kindle, I say I read on average 12 to 15 full length books a year.

(update: my goodreads challenge for 2019 is 24 books.)