Menemukan akunmu 3 years ago is one of the best thing that ever happened to me. I was so galau, broken, berdosa, jenuh dengan segala ceramah yg ngga nolong sama sekali. Beda sama semua omonganmu yg real, masuk akal, practical. Terima kasih, Adrian.

*Maaf ya, jawabnya pakai bahasa inggris*

People always question why I even bother with

Too old for it, lah.. cemen, lah… for scoring women, lah.. “nulis tuh utk Magdalene Rappler Medium kek” lah..

The way I see it, I simply have something to say. I think I have a few viewpoints to offer that are rarely -if ever- represented by anyone else. And like most people who write, it’s just something I want *out there*.

And what’s the point of writing for people who already agree with your viewpoints already? That’s just plain masturbatory, and it’s nothing but preaching to your own choir.

Sure, writing in ain’t exactly like doing the editorial page of The Economist, but I’d like to think that I contribute something tangible. If anything, just so people can see different ways of viewing issues we encounter in life. And as cemen as these matters may be, I had to deal with them at one point in my life. And if someone gave me better tools at the time, I’d be grateful for it.

So yeah, thank you.

To know I’m of use; to know that I’ve made you see things differently, makes it worth it.

Dri, i feel lonely. Is online dating even worth a shot? At finding orang yang *ga usah muluk-muluk* enak di ajak ngobrol aja? As in, nyambung?

Kalau urusan nyambung dan enak ngobrol sih mendingan cari di Twitter atau You can read the person’s thoughts that go back years, with no audience in particular. On dating sites like OkCupid, all you know is what that person wrote on a template profile with the singular purpose of looking and sounding good.

“Ya kan di Twitter dan kan banyak yang pencitraan juga…”

Well, if you can’t “read” people well enough from how they write over years… then I suggest you stick to minta dikenalin oleh temen dan saudara.

Hi Vipey, putri remajamu mulai main sosmed belum? Gimana pandangannya mengenai aktivitas virtualmu? Thank you.

Sudah. Kalau ngga salah sih dia sudah ada Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, dan Ask.FM. Sekarang sudah cukup umur untuk Facebook, tapi konon dia belum bikin karena.. she considers it too mainstream. 🙂

Do I follow her? No. I think she should have her privacy. Her mom and I occasionally skim through her social media, but we don’t check it everyday. I don’t think she follows me either, but her friends often Like or RT my and Twitter, so of course she knows what I post here and there.

Is that an issue for me? Not at all. I personally consider my thoughts and views just as valid for my own daughter, as they are for anyone else.

Hi, vipey. These days, I get a lot of hate questions on askfm, people keep saying bad things about me but it’s clearly from people around me. I know I don’t live based on people’s judgments but it still bugs me sometimes… May I ask for your advice how to overcome this thing?

Ooooh I know what you mean. I get hate questions, too. I think they are mostly from people who only have passing acquaintance with me, or just know me from social media. Though yes, I’m sure I’ve gotten a few from women who were involved with me at one time or another, or from guys who.. well, wasn’t pleased about their involvement with me.

But yeah, getting it from people who are *around* you is a different ballgame altogether. It’s always the people who are close to you who can hurt you the most. I’m going to make a guess that you’re a female. 🙂

I wish I had solid advice for you, but all I can say is: delete the bad messages, remember the good messages, and start re-assessing who your friends are.

Vipey, how do you know that you could trust a person?

I don’t know, but I just trust my instincts. It’s not foolproof, of course.. so I’ve learned to trust people only to a certain degree.

But one thing I know for sure: I DON’T trust those who make a point to show off how kind and wise they are. The ones who seem like they look in the mirror every morning and say “Man, I am SUCH a nice/bijak-membumi/semesta memberkati person, I amaze myself sometimes!”

You know it when you see it; especially on social media.

I read somewhere on your twitter timeline that you are reluctant to share your success stories. Do you mind sharing any setbacks or low points in your business and how you recovered from them? Thanks in advance!

I appreciate your question and the way you asked it, but sorry… I must decline.

Yes, I refrain from sharing my achievements, but I also try not to go into kultwits about my setbacks, sob-stories, or kisah-hidup either. I just find that sok-ngajarin dengan dalih “sekedar berbagi” thing to be very self-serving and masturbatory. I would never assume that I have a kisah-bijak that would be of any hikmah for anyone else.

Why don’t you write a book? Or, updating your blog again?

I don’t have enough in me to write a book. Whether is it’s ideas or just the tenacity to sit down and pound out page after page… yeah, I really just don’t have enough in me.

Yeah, I get this question a lot about my blog. Well, the reason why I haven’t updated is because -ever since Twitter- I end up tweeting it instead. And I would be lying if I said I don’t enjoy the immediate feedback and retweets, compared to just blogging it.

Some people who only knew me recently commented that my blog is just a collection of my tweets. No, sweety… I first started blogging in 2002 in that short-form Twitter format before Twitter even *existed.*

There are several people out there who take social media fame seriously. What do you have in mind about it?

They SHOULD take it seriously. To say that social media fame is not valid is simply naive.

I’ve seen several of my own friends who have benefited greatly from it, be it for their careers or personal lives. But bear in mind that the fame they have now is simply an *excess* from their social media presence. It was purely accidental.. at least in the beginning.

Are there people out there who set out on social media with a craving to be famous? Yes. Do I think it’s kind of sad? Yes. But to each their own, eh. But fame is fame, however you look at it.

I wonder if you’ve ever been to Nine Inch Nails concert… If not, have you ever been to any concert, and which one you enjoyed most?

Nope, belum pernah. And as much as I like NIN, I’m not one to fly abroad to see them.

But when I do go to concerts, it’s only of artists I listen to on a *daily* basis.

So no, when some band is coming to town, I’m not that guy who:

a.) mendadak ngefans

b.) “hafalin lirik dulu aaah”

c.) goes to alternative or rock concerts but listens to R&B on the way there

d.) jerit2 on that ONE hit song is played

e.) posts pics on social media the following day

Adri.. gimana cara mengetahui sejak awal bahwa seseorang mentally unstable?

You know those people who just berkubang menggelora in their own wisdom? Who you can totally imagine looking at themselves in the mirror and saying “Damn, I’m such a NICE person”? Who see themselves as being especially bijak and fulfilled, and somehow never pass up opportunities to impart their semesta membumi-ness on kamu2 orang with florid sok-ngajarin language?

Yeah. There you go.