What do you think about someone who self-proclaimed him/herself that they’re a player or announce themselves to the world; “people told me that I’m a heartbreaker” because as far as I know real player doesn’t talk about their rep, their rep talk for them.

Depends on what he means by “heartbreaker.”

Is it someone who deceives and manipulates women to fall for him for ego sake, resulting in heartbreak?

Or someone who, despite his best intentions of being honest and forthcoming about himself, often becomes the object of manipulative women with hidden agendas to change him… and when she inevitably fails, results in heartbreak?

And those Lesser Men who call themselves “players”? What, it’s cool to “play” people? Because the word itself implies deception and manipulation. Either way, anything involving lying or hidden agendas is never cool. So I think anyone who claims to be a player or heartbreaker (intentional or not), is a douchebag of the highest order.

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