Vipes, I like this girl who is my ideal dream girl. Pretty, smart (Harvard grad), has a high-paying job and parents who are well-off. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman but I’m too insecure to go after her. Sometimes I wonder what would she need me for? She has it all. What should I do?

Okay, first of all… you don’t want a girl who *needs* you anyways. You want a girl who *wants* to be with you. Neediness of any kind is a sure sign to start running. Fast.

That being said.. if you feel insecure to go after her, then your chances are pretty low as it is. Women can smell insecurity, and generally find it unattractive. Does it mean your reasons for being insecure are valid? Not at all. But the way you see yourself, IS.

So adjust yourself mentally, and find a way for her to know you are interested. If you are concerned that she is the type who will laugh at you, then she’s not a nice person, and you shouldn’t be attracted to her in the first place. No guarantees it will be reciprocal, but so what.. you might as well try.

And always remember The Vipertongue Protocol: never pursue, persuade, or persist.

Kalau bola sudah disana, then let it be. If it doesn’t come back to you, let it go and say “NEXT!”

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