Om, I still dont get it why people carry lampu senter as a part of their EDC. I mean unless you stay di kampung meledug, jarang banget mati lampu di pulau Jawa. In the emergency case, kan bisa pake henpon. Any reason why you carry lampu senter?

Funny how people will carry an umbrella if there is a 50% chance of rain, but question why you carry a flashlight when there is a 100% chance if night. And even without the night, I often use my flashlight to look for things in my car or bag at night, to check cables behind my sound system, and be the one who locates someone’s missing earring on the ground.

Saying “kan bisa pake henpon” is like saying “kan bisa pake koran” when it rains. Of course you could, but personally I prefer always having the right tools for the job.

Besides, when something like this tiny Thrunite Ti3 can throw a dazzling 120 lumen beam, there really is no excuse to not have one in your pocket, everyday. I mean, that is bright enough to blind someone in a self defense situation.

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