Hi Vipey, putri remajamu mulai main sosmed belum? Gimana pandangannya mengenai aktivitas virtualmu? Thank you.

Sudah. Kalau ngga salah sih dia sudah ada Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, dan Ask.FM. Sekarang sudah cukup umur untuk Facebook, tapi konon dia belum bikin karena.. she considers it too mainstream. 🙂

Do I follow her? No. I think she should have her privacy. Her mom and I occasionally skim through her social media, but we don’t check it everyday. I don’t think she follows me either, but her friends often Like or RT my ask.fm and Twitter, so of course she knows what I post here and there.

Is that an issue for me? Not at all. I personally consider my thoughts and views just as valid for my own daughter, as they are for anyone else.

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