Vipey, why do you think people in here keep answering the stupid/hate questions then slay them with “dasar anon goblok” kinda words? Can’t they just ignore and block them? I don’t think calling the stupids stupid make them smarter or wiser.

I agree with you. It takes less effort to delete questions than it takes for me to roll my eyes, let alone reply with a “dasar anon goblok”. It just ain’t worth the keystrokes. But if I give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe it’s something the person being asked feels very strongly about. I mean, I’ve seen some questions that are beyond ignorant, it made me want to reply the same way too.

Maybe it’s a need to educate by pressing the point strongly, maybe it was taken as a personal insult (we all get those), or maybe that angry ‘tude scores “likes”. Personally, I refuse to give “anon goblok” a stage to tampil on. And I notice that replying to them only breeds more of similar questions. So yes, whenever possible.. just delete ’em.

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