Hi Dri, have you read any atheist-books such as God Is Not Great, The God Delusion, etc ? If so, what are your thoughts on them ? Do you have any “favorite” philosophers ? And do you really consider yourself as an atheist [I am] and why ? Sorry if I’m asking a lot :\ have a pleasant day Dri

Ah, those books by Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens? Actually.. nope. I have not read a single one. Why? Because unlike some customs and beliefs that need constant reinforcement by rituals or reading passages (lest these beliefs die and become extinct), I don’t find it necessary to read anything that I’m pretty sure I already know about. No point preaching to the choir, so to speak.

If anything, I prefer my viewpoints to be *challenged*. So yes, I’ve occasionally read books by spiritual leaders, or books GBUs gifted to me, like “The Case for God”. Hell, I even suffered 37 minutes of “Left Behind”. Did it work? Well, that’s certainly time wasted that I ain’t gonna get back.

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