Adrian, would you mind sharing good restaurants in Bandung? Thank you.

It really depends on what you mean by “good restaurant”. Because often times “good food” and “good ambience” are two different things. The problem is that #Jakartans tend to confuse the two.

It’s like when #Jakartans say “Dri, kopi yang enak dimana, Dri?”, I know they are not referring to the beverage. What they are actually asking is “Dri, tempat nongkrong paling happening yang ada kopi di menu, dimana, Dri?” They’d sip kopi sachet at some Dago Atas tourist-trap cafe and consider it gourmet coffee.

But that aside, I was just chatting with one of my friends who owns a popular Bandung food blog. We realized that we are so clueless about the new places that have been popping up, as we are trapped at home on weekends because of the traffic. Both of us agreed that, unless the food is SO exceptional that we’d hear about it, it’s just not the effort of suffering the traffic.

So I’m afraid that my selection of restaurants are usually within a 4 kilometer radius of my house. Not the hippest places in town, but some of them serve some exceptional dishes. Ranging from hotel restaurants (Maja), bule bars (Volcano), porky (Puri Bambu), to kios (Batagor Abuy). My food blogger friend and I are blissfully unaware of those new restaurants popping up around Dago, Progo or Riau (Beehive, Blue Doors, etc), which tend to be more ambiance-oriented. Which is fine in its own right.. I just happen to prefer good *food*.

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