Hi, Vipey. I’m currently living in Bandung and I’ve seen some of my friends mengalami kejadian2 tdk enak di jalan (sexual harrassment baik dalam bentuk fisik maupun verbal meski pakaian sopan), and I’ve been there too. What do you think about this and do you have any suggestion untuk menghindarinya?

I wish I knew what to say. Men who cat-call or harass women make my blood boil, too. But I remember my housemate told me one trick she does:

When walking buy a group of men, sebelum mereka sempat komentar, dia sudah “punten” (this is Bandung, after all) duluan. It usually shuts them up, or actually make them respond politely. And say it normally, politely.. without being defensive. Yes, I’m sure I’ll get called out for this, but I’m just saying what works for her.

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