hi there can i get your pov? do you believe that all men cheat? is it true that ALL men have that nature? i kinda scare of marriage, if i found a man who’s secretly into open relationship and turns out couldn’t be faithful to me.

I’m going to skip your questions, as I can’t presume to know what most men are like. Besides, I’d still like to live a few more years, thank you very much.

So instead, I’ll go direct to your statement “i kinda scare of marriage.” Well, put it this way.. right now, at this moment, you think that a husband cheating is an Extinction Level Event. But my guess is, once you’re married, you’ll consider it just one of the “costs of doing business.”

Does it suck? Sure. But think of the alternatives of NOT getting married: dying alone, diomongin keluarga, dianggap ngga laku, tidak ada yg support, tidak punya anak, ngga ada yang beliin handbag, and the soul-crushing loneliness.

So yes, it’s simply the cost of doing business… and not the Extinction Level Event you perceive it to be now.

So you learn to live with it, and you learn to accept it. And hey, you may do it yourself on the side. Nothing makes you morally superior to him. A Facebook flirt here, a Tinder match there… I can go on.

Now regarding “if i found a man who’s secretly into open relationship”, I have a few things to say:

Why is it that those men who CLAIM to be in a so-called “open relationship” must always be CAUGHT first, before making the revelation? If a person is truly in a mutual and consensual open-relationship, he would be honest about it from the very beginning. To ALL parties involved.

Short of that, I consider the guy just another lesser man; a douchebag making excuses.

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