vipey, i’ve found my husband have a facebook fake account yg isinya ce2 dari spa, panti pijet n club.. sebelumnya uda ketauan dari hp 1 nya n uda di delete ga pake lg.. skrg keulang lg bikin fake account fb yg nge block email saya biar ga bs dibuka dari account saya. really need your advise. thanks

Pertama2, saya tidak mengecilkan masalah kamu, dan juga tidak mau kedengeran sinis atau ngegampangin. But the fact of the matter is this: he’s not going to change. Kamu mau usaha seperti apapun untuk delete dan blok, atau ngomel2 kayak gimana juga.. he will ALWAYS find a way. Never underestimate how resourceful men are when it comes to urusan selingkuh or urusan PSK. In matters like this, even dumbest guy will become MacGyver. That is how motivated they are.

I repeat.. I’m not being cynical or ngegampangin. But honestly, I don’t know what it is you can do to stop him. I know firsthand how far men will go for porn and sex (paid or not). Mau single or married, ya sama aja. Tapi biasanya kalau married men, cenderung lebih banyak urusan paid sex… karena less complications. Do it, done, ngga ada ekses. Kalau suka sama suka, ada resiko ekses dan berkepanjangan. And yes, its ALWAYS the menantu idaman / anak gereja / sholeh types who do this. Again, this is something that most women are SO clueless about.

Yes, you may ngomel2 and check HP-nya. Maybe he’ll stop for a month. But what stops him from making another account? Or deleting history? Or having another phone for that purpose? What if he owns two of the SAME phone so you don’t notice? Or install dan reinstall setiap pergi dan pulang ke rumah? Where is he during lunch hour? Nunggu 3 in 1? The truth is, you’ll never know. I wish I could be of more help.

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