Dri, wdyt men who’s charming as hell eventually fall out of his grace & turn out to be hell-ish? I almost think I hv curse of loving someone & then turning them into manipulative narcissist :) Now when I meet Prince Charming who make my knees tremble I keep the distance & leave him in ‘grace zone’

Because “charming like hell” and “manipulative douchebag” are two sides of the same coin. A genuinely good person has no need to be charming. A charming man, on the other hand, has an agenda.. as charm is just another form of persuasion. And if he doesn’t get what he is scheming for, that’s when his true colors show.

You know those women who say things like “gw suka cowok romantis”? Those are the ones yang paling gampang dikibulin, karena gampang dimanipulasi dengan hal2 romantis. But hey, maybe that delusion is worth it. I’m sure some women consider it a fair trade-off: treat me like garbage, but I get PAP-able roses now and then. Or in plain english: “tapi kalo lagi baeq, dia baeeeq bgt.”

I am willing to bet that men who emotionally or physically abuse women, spend twice as much for Valentine’s Day than men who treat their women with respect and kindness.

So keep that in mind the next time you see a PAP of some guy’s grand romantic gesture with 5000 likes.

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